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10 Activities To Keep Kids Active

Keeping kids active is vital to developing good exercise habits from a young age. At the same time, getting kids into active routines can be a great way to de-stress if you find that keeping control of them within the home is getting a bit difficult. Activities for kids can take many forms, with the majority involving outdoor events that can promote teamwork and good general fitness. Some of these activities include horse riding, swimming, sports, and simple activities like walking and playing in the park. These activities, and more, are developed below:

1 – Helping with Chores

While this may not seem like the most exciting activity, getting small children involved in helping you around the house with chores can be a good way of encouraging them to enjoy housework while playing. This might involve helping with the hoovering, polishing, and helping you to cook while in the kitchen.

2 – Horse Riding

Going on a horse ride, or investing in horse riding lessons, get children out in an activity that boosts confidence, and can appeal to different ages. Horse riding lessons can be spread over a long period of time, or can be organised as a single taster day for children at local riding clubs.

3 – Playing in the Park

A simple activity that can be highly rewarding, just going to the park for the morning or afternoon to play can allow kids to burn off energy by playing on swings and other equipment. A day at the park can also be combined with a picnic and sports if the weather’s nice.

4 – Swimming

One of the best activities available for giving children a comprehensive exercise, while allowing them to choose their difficult level, swimming can mean indoor lessons or outdoor fun with slides and enjoying the sea and the beach.

5 – Going on Regular Walks

Getting out of the house to go for regular walks is a good way to de-stress and get children used to exercising, rather than relying on the bus and the car to get around. A simple walk into town for shopping, or walking to and from school and relatives can be made into a regular routine.

6 – Getting Involved in Crafts

Children can get engaged through active crafts in the home and outdoors. These crafts can include everything from painting and sculpting, to playing with kites and building with blocks.

7 – Playing Sports

Getting children involved in football, tennis, rugby, hockey, or any other sport, is a good way to encourage exercise and teamwork. Children can joint clubs and teams, or can just play around in the garden if you have the space.

8 – Bike Riding

A useful way to spend a few hours, especially on holiday, a long bike ride can be combined with a picnic and a gentle and flat location to make for an excellent family and group activity.

9 – Hiking

Regular hikes are a challenge for older children, and can be made into a day’s adventure if you’re lucky enough to live near to woods and mountains.

10 – Camping

Camping can mean everything from a few days of camping as part of a holiday, through to setting up a tent in the back garden for younger children during the summer.

Author Byline: Lily works for Au Pairs in Britain, an agency for Au pairs and host families in UK and Ireland. If you’re good with kids and want to find work as an Au Pair please visit their website.


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2 thoughts on “10 Activities To Keep Kids Active

  1. I think the activities you show here are very good. But horse riding have risk for the kids. But it is good if the parents wants the profession for children. But not start it for younger kids.

    Posted by Activities with Kids | September 15, 2012, 7:31 am


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