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5 Articles of Clothing Your Son Needs for School

Any mother would agree that when it comes to shopping for boys’ clothes, it is all about sustainability and function. The clothes you buy for your son need to make it through normal daily activities such as going to school and all the roughhousing and running around they do in their spare time. What stocks their closets will need to run the gauntlet between going to family functions to the skate park—and you want them to last, you can’t have something that will rip in one wear. Check out these must-haves for your son’s back to school wardrobe.


There is something about a hooded sweatshirt that screams comfort. Boys are not as willing as girls to sacrifice their comfort in the name of style, but with a hoodie they don’t have to. Stock up on sweatshirts in a variety of colors and patterns to brighten up his wardrobe.


Unless he goes to private school, there is no way you are getting him to wear those dress pants you think look so good on him. Be realistic about what you need in boys’ clothes for your son. Denim jeans are the best option and can handle all the activities, running around, and sports your son wants to do. They come in a variety of cuts and washes so you will certainly find something that he likes.


While you surely would love to see him dressed in a button-down shirt with a tie every day, chances are he will fight you tooth and nail on that. There are so many styles of T-shirts you can buy that it is easy to come to a consensus with your son about what is appropriate attire for school.


Let’s face it, in the winter months you are lucky if your son wears pants instead of shorts let alone put a jacket on. The mom in you is screaming that he needs to wear a coat and at the same time is telling you it isn’t worth the effort. When your son is just too hard to handle you can find a moment of solace in the fact that you stocked him up on thermal shirts. These long-sleeved, super warm and comfortable shirts will not be something you struggle to get him to wear.

This does not have to be an uphill battle, by recognizing what you need in his clothes and what styles and colors he is into, you can accomplish your back to school shopping without a migraine.

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