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Why Are Boys’ Bedrooms So Disgusting?

My teenage sons have always been messy.  I think it just comes with the territory sometimes.  I have always encouraged them to pick up after themselves, put their dirty clothes in the wash and bring down cups but they still don’t seem to have grasped the concept of general cleanliness. In the past I wouldn’t even go in their rooms because I knew I would just despair at the mess in there.  I was always hoping they would get to the age where they would care what their friends thought when they came over, but I got fed up of waiting.

When the Boys Went Away I Got Into Action

When my sons went away with the school over the Easter holidays I decided to sort their rooms out once and for all.  I told them before they left that I would be sorting their rooms unless they decided to completely sort everything out.  They had a little tidy but then gave up, so I had the green light to do as I pleased in their absence.

While they were away my first task was to remove all of their dirty clothes and sort through them.  They had shoved clothes under their beds, in their drawers and wardrobes and even behind the wardrobe for some reason.  I sorted out which clothes still fit and which hadn’t been worn for months gave four bin bags to charity and washed the rest.  I then tackled the dirty cups and plates (again these were even under the bed!) and stripped the beds.  Next I tackled the CD’s and Video games and moved on to the magazines, books and all sorts of bits and bobs they had collected through the years.

Broken and Forgotten Items Were Turfed Out

Anything which was broken I threw out.  I bought each son a big lidded box and in there I placed figures and toys which I thought they were probably too old for but I didn’t want to chuck out in case they were sentimentally important. I then purchased some lockers, like you can find in schools which were really fantastic.  In those I was able to staked up CDs and games , I turned one into a place for deodorants, hair gels and placed a mirror on the inside of the door like you see in American teen movies. Another locker I used for storing school bags, books and their sports kits and I left another one free for them to do whatever they wanted with.

The room looked amazing and I was able to throw out a lot of things which were simply cluttering up the space. When my boys returned they were really pleased (I was expecting a bit of a backlash) and they have so far managed to remain tidier now that everything has a cool place to live. Now if only they would remember to put their dirty clothes in the wash I would be a happier woman.

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