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Get Your Kids Away From The Computer!

It has been shown that children who are involved in sports from an early age have more of an opportunity to develop their physical and emotional skill sets than children who don’t involve themselves in any sporting activity. Whether they play for competition or for just for the fun of the game the fact that they are involved in sports is beneficial to them.

When a child is involved in an activity that involves being part of a team they are being introduced to skills that teach them about self discipline and cooperation, that perfection comes with practice and that not everybody can achieve their goals straight away. With so much to benefit from being involved in sport from a young age it is important that more children are encouraged to participate.

Reasons You Should Get Your Child into Sports

Cooperation: The value of teamwork is learned from an early age, it encourages the development of social skills – you cheer for your team and they cheer for you too. It helps them to learn how to get along with others.

Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is appreciating that you can’t win all the time, not being an arrogant winner or a sore loser. It is about emotional control and balance, something that children can often struggle to come to terms with.

Keep Trying: Perseverance is a fabulous character trait, it you don’t get it right try again and keep trying until you succeed. Some sports require that the child develops certain skills that they will have to practice at home away from the group; it shows them that they have to ability and the power to accomplish things themselves.

Team Support: Whether they are playing together for fun as a family of as a team in a competition sport teaches them how to support and encourage each other.

Health: By being involved in regular sport they are laying the foundations for a healthy lifestyle, children involved in sport from an early age grow up including regular physical activity in their lives as they grow older.

Appreciation of Rules: Understanding the rules of the game and the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior is a great life lesson, and of great benefit for the future.

Improved Social Skills: By participating in sport they are mixing and interacting with a lot of other children and their families, it will bring them out of their shells and will help to reduce any shyness they may feel.

Advice for Parents

When you involve your child in sports you need to ensure that their chosen sport matches both their interests and ability, just because you enjoyed a certain activity as a child there is no guarantee that your child will enjoy it too! Coaches of such groups should not only understand how to involve children in sport safely and a good knowledge of first aid and CPR, they should also have a least a basic understanding of child development, both on a physical and emotional level. 

Article Provided By: Exercise is vital – for more information on providing you children with swimming lessons in the UK, visit Puddle Ducks now. 



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