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The Benefits of Audiobooks vs Reading Books

An audiobook, for those who are new to auditory literature is a recording of a text being read; the recording consists of a voice-over from an individual reading from the text which in many cases is fiction or other books. Many have begun to make the argument for audiobooks over actually reading as a new and improved way of enjoying various degrees of storytelling.

The advantages of audiobooks are numerous; they’re used a lot in environments where the language of the recording is perhaps a second language for those listening and for those with learning deficiencies. They benefit younger children who are still learning to read by deepening their enthusiasm for the written word and encouraging them to continue seeking out different books. Generally, the mood an audiobook can set is very helpful; it’s a very easy way to get into books at a young age and shapes a child’s future interests.

Gives Students Access To Books Above Their Reading Level

Many books are deemed above the average student’s level and so listening to audiobooks can introduce them into a new range of fiction or non-fiction. The diction and lexis, which may be strange and foreign at first, are powerfully emphasized through audiobooks and are perhaps one of the stronger arguments for audiobooks, especially opposed to reading.  


Prominently used in education, there is also an argument leveled against audiobooks claiming that it makes children lazy; however, others have argued that a child’s intellectual capacity remains slightly higher than their reading ability in their younger years. The introduction of an audiobook slowly improves their grasp on vocabulary and word comprehension as well as stimulating their imagination and helping them with pronunciation of words. It can also prove quite popular as a fun activity for a young family to really aid the learning process.


Elsewhere, listening to an audiobook whilst committing to other tasks, such as ironing, can encourage the listener to increase their productivity levels as well as learning to relax themselves whilst listening. Tasks which fill one with boredom in everyday life (washing the dishes, ironing) can suddenly seem less daunting; the effect rivals listening to music, setting one’s mind at ease and allowing imagination to dominate.  


Compared with the traditional method of reading, listening to audiobooks does have some advantages over its customary counter-part. Obviously, for those traveling a great deal they’re incredibly practical as they can be downloaded on to an iPhone or iPod for easy listening whilst you’re sat on a tediously long train journey. It also gives extra incentive for those who need to strengthen their listening skills as it demands extra concentration.
As mentioned already, it aids one in the pronunciation of words, improving one’s diction and giving them a strong grasp of word-recognition and linking words to their true meanings.   

Great Storytellers

Finally, those who read out the books for the recordings are usually talented storytellers and can add a hint of entertainment to the matter as well as humor where it’s intended. Audiobooks are easy to download and many popular series and works are available for the expectant public nowadays.

This article was written in partnership with audiogo.com/uk, retailers of a diverse range of spoken word and large print titles.


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