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How Do You Cope With an Alcoholic Parent?

Alcoholism is not only a problem but a disease as well. It creates not only physical and emotional problems, but it also causes legal problems as well. In addition to this, alcoholism also affects relationships. Not only can it hurt relationships, but it can also break apart a family. This is especially true if one of the parents is alcoholic.

Dealing with an alcoholic parent is difficult, but if you understand the disease a little bit better, then it can help you give your alcoholic parent a push toward the right direction.

Know the Cause of the Alcohol Addiction

The most common reason why alcoholics drink is because of depression. When duties and responsibilities take its toll on parents, then can easily fall into depression, especially if their partners are not the supportive type. To hide their emotions, they resort to drinking. After all, alcohol can numb all feelings.

In addition to this, drinking and being drunk also give them the perfect excuse when they slip up on their obligations. Look at it this way; it’s a lot harder for them to face their problems when they’re sober, but when they’re drunk, they can easily hide behind the alcohol and even blame it for losing control over situations. They are also comforted by the thought and the fact that alcohol affects their way of thinking and judgment, so they can’t be blamed for their mistakes.

Spend Time with Your Parent

Because your alcoholic parent probably feels lonely and isolated, then spend as much happy hours as you can with them, especially when they’re sober. Do some of the things they love to do; engage them in their favorite topics; get them out of the house to do something productive like jogging or going out for a walk. Do anything that you can just to make them feel they’re needed and loved, and that they belong in the family. The more they feel your love and support, the more they’ll feel stronger to battle their addiction.

Talk with Your Parent

If you think that depression is playing a huge role in your parent’s alcohol problem, then it’s time to address the issue. However, do not confront them when they’re drunk. Instead, wait for the right moment to talk to them, and see to it that they’re sober when you discuss the drinking problem and the possibility of having depression. You’ll be surprised to know that they’re also worried about their drinking problem but just don’t know how to stop their addiction.

If they admit to feeling depressed, then help them get help. There are many professionals they can talk with regarding their addiction, and there are also so many groups like AA that they can join. Having a support group is a very good way to battling alcohol addiction.

The Importance of Now

Give them the help they need now. You don’t want them to end up facing DUI charges, nor do you want them to end up in a car accident because of their drinking. If this happens, not only can this put them in jail, but it can also claim their lives and the lives of the car accident victims as well.

Author Byline: Jennifer Dahline writes for several law-related blogs including a Broward DUI lawyer‘s site. Alcoholism is a big problem, especially if it gets you into DUI problems, so it needs to be addressed sooner than later.


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