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Protect Your Teeth from Halloween Candy

kid eating candyHalloween is coming and parents are cringing as they think about all of the candy that will soon be handed out to their children. Parents know that the sugar from Halloween candy will give their kids tons of energy and make them super hyper, only to have them crash and burn a few hours later, but more importantly, parents know that Halloween candy will rot their kids teeth.

What is a parent to do? Trick or Treating is a part of the Halloween experience and many parents do not want to deny their kids the fun experience of dressing up, going out with friends, and getting candy.

Many parents try the moderation method. They allow their kids to eat one or two pieces of candy per day. This makes parents feel more comfortable because at least their kids will not get sick from eating so much candy and at least they are brushing their teeth everyday to help keep the sugar from building up.

Dentists have usually said to just avoid the Halloween candy all together because it is not good for anyone’s teeth. However, this method does not work very well for parents with kids who like Halloween candy, or for parents themselves who have a hard time saying no to candy. There is however, a new way to protect you children’s teeth from Halloween candy that has been suggested by many different dentists.

The toothbrush nanny and many other professional dentists have come up with a solution for the Halloween candy problem and that is to eat it.

The new technique or advice that dentists have for parents may come as a surprise. The new Halloween candy technique is to let kids gorge themselves on it. Instead of letting kids eat small amounts of candy throughout the day over a long period of time, which will provoke enamel-corroding acid to cover their teeth, which can lead to cavities; dentists are, instead, encouraging parents to let their kids gorge on Halloween candy at one time.

Of course after the Halloween candy binge, dentists encourage parents to have their children do a rigorous teeth brushing session along with some flossing. But the Halloween candy binge will allow children’s teeth a chance to only get enamel-corroding acid on them once, instead of once every day.

Parents now have one more option when it comes to deciding what to do about the upcoming Halloween candy.

Author Byline: Madison Hewerdine writes for blogs all over the country. 


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