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Halloween Candies: What To Eat and What To Avoid

Halloween, for many health buffs, is the holiday for junk foods. The tradition is a childhood favorite. But regardless of age, anyone indulges on candies during this event. The young ones and the adults partake on all those sinful sugary treats and hoard a lot of free candies.  Even those who are health buffs grab the unhealthiest candy bars from the bag. Since this only happens once year, it seems alright to do it.

But for most people, indulging in candy can be habit forming. The temptation to eat everything is there, especially since the loot is plenty. However, if you value your health, you may want to consider eating candies that are “less evil”. Some of these sweet treats are not as bad as it seems and eating it is a matter of making the right choices.

Below are a few things to keep in mind with your candy choices:

1. It doesn’t mean that if the candy is smaller, or what is popularly known as “fun size”, it has fewer calories. The smallest bar of Butterfingers, for example, actually contain 100 calories, while Mars or 3 Musketeers in fun size only contain about 63 calories. Read the packs and labels well before you eat it.

2. Candies that are fruit-flavored or made from fruit aren’t the healthier option. An example of this is Starburst, a popular fruit candy. Starburst, and similar candies like it, actually contain extenders, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. The healthier fruit candies are those made by organic brands. It may be tough to find these organic candies in a Halloween loot bag, though, as these are more expensive than regular candies.

3. Sometimes, a simply made candy may be the best to indulge in. Some bars are made with a lot of ingredients lending a wonderful blend of taste in your mouth. But the more ingredients there is, the more preservatives are in these types of candies. You should know this when you read the label and find names and words that are hard to understand because everything is so scientific. If the label contains less ingredients, and you know what most of those are, then it’s the lesser evil.

4. While lollipops usually contain less calories than other candies, the hard surface can and will damage the teeth. If you let this linger in the mouth without attempting to bite on it, lollipops also contain acid that could hurt the teeth’s enamel. Remember this when you attempt to put one in your mouth.

5. If you can’t help but indulge in chocolates, choose to indulge in dark chocolates. This is the healthiest alternative, as it is known to be good for the heart and has properties that may help prevent cancer, too.

This is a guest post by Lance Nguyen, the owner of CheapThemeParks.com — a site that provides discounted Disneyland tickets. Halloween is one of the best time of the year to visit Disneyland for their themed Halloween party.




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