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Winter Clothes for Kids

Gone are the warm days of summer, and as the weather turns chillier it’s time to get the scarves and hats out of the cupboards for another year. It can be quite a shock to find the expensive woolen coat you bought for your child last year is now too small, so get the coats and jackets out of the cupboard now before the winter really sets in.


School Clothing

Many schools have quite tight restrictions on what they want their students to wear, and some parents can only send their children to school in coats and jackets purchased from the school’s chosen shop. If this is the case at your child’s school, labelling is of critical importance as it is so easy for 30 identical jackets to get muddled up in the cloakroom. If your child’s school is less strict, you have more flexibility in what you send your child to school in, and can choose something more distinctive. Make sure that school jackets are waterproof at best or at very least showerproof, as getting drenched on the walk home is no fun for anyone.


Winter coats for babies can appear to be a waste of money as they grow so quickly, but babies will need something to keep them warm through the cold weather. Snowsuits are a great idea as the baby can just be zipped into their snowsuit in their normal clothes, and will be very snug and cosy. The snowsuit range from Olive & Moss is bright and colourful, and very practical as everything is machine washable. A snowsuit is a good gift for a new parent, so if you are struggling to think of a good baby gift get down to your local Olive & Moss stockists before the cold weather sets in.


Most of us don’t give much thought to the colur when choosing a child’s coat, unless you have a daughter who refuses to wear anything that isn’t pink. Dark mornings and evenings mean that the color of the coat is very important if you wish your child to be seen by traffic. Given that school uniform is generally dark in color, wearing a dark coat too can mean your child is practically invisible. Go for a lighter shade such as cream or pale blue, and if this isn’t practical look for a coat which has built in reflective strips or patches for safety. If the only option is a dark coat, get some reflective bands for your child to wear on their walk home in the darker months.


Unless you are prepared to rush to the dry cleaner every time your child falls in a puddle or gets dirty in a snowball fight, it’s best to choose a coat which can be easily washed. Many of the modern materials on the market are machine washable, so always check the label before buying a new coat. In colder weather, consider buying a light overcoat which can be worn over a wool blazer to keep it clean and your child dry.

Author Byline: Morag writes on a wide range of subjects including family, fashion and travel. A mother and professional writer, Morag loves to write about children’s fashion.


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