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Amber Fossil Depicts Ancient Spider Activity


Researchers from Oregon State University recently discovered a 100-million-year-old amber fossil that portrays a spider attacking a wasp. It is believed the two were overun by tree sap at the moment of attack.

Traces of the spiders’s web are also found in the fossil, indicating to experts that the wasps already caught in the web and the spider simply was on it’s way to the dinner table.

“The extraordinarily rare fossils are in a piece of amber that preserved this event in remarkable detail an action that took place in the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar in the Early Cretaceous between 97-110 million years ago, almost certainly with dinosaurs wandering nearby,” as described in a press release by Oregon State.

Although now extinct, the prehistoric wasp was known as a parasitic creature. He obviously found the wrong spider to mooch off. Maybe for the spider he was about to give his little friend some payback.

It would’ve been nice to hear the conversation between the two.

Wasp: “Haha. This dude doesn’t even know I’m taking his cookies and candy. Uh oh! I think I’m stuck. Yep, defintely  stuck. Well, this isn’t good.

Spider: “Well, well, lookie what we have here! I knew my kids weren’t eating our cookies THAT fast. And now I got you.”

Wasp: “Oh hey. Yeah, about that. I was buzzing by and a bee was tryng to steal your cookies. I didn’t think that was right so I scared him off. That’s when I got stuck in your web. Would you mind giving me a hand?”

Spider: “You can’t pull that on me. I full on watched you swoop in and take a grab at my cookie jar. And now you’re gonna get what’s coming to you.”

Wasp: “Hey, maybe we can work this out. I knew a few hornets that have been bullying me. Let me go and I’ll help you lure them onto your web. Besides, they taste much better than I do.”

Spider: “Sorry bro. I can’t wait that long. I’m hungry because someone else was already eating my cookies. Gee! I wonder who that could be”

Wasp: “C’mon now, you wouldn’t eat a wasp with glasses would you?….would you?”

Spider: “Bon appe…WAAAAA!!!! WHAT IS THAT?”


Spider: “Little Jimmy, tell mom I…………………………………………….”

Ok, maybe it didn’t happen quite like that, but thanks to an untimely avalanche of sap, we will alway wonder.

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