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Most Common Causes of Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Why do kids experiment with drugs and alcohol?  Good question.  Why did you go out last weekend and have that third glass of wine if you knew it would give you a head ache?  Teens are attracted to drugs and alcohol for the same reason adults are.  The problem is that many teenagers do not possess the life experience or the ability to make fully formed good choices because simply they have not had enough time to figure all of that stuff out.  Many teens are not equipped with the knowledge or maturity to know how to do things in moderation and most of them, especially when it comes to alcohol, are experimenting because they do not have all of the information.  Children, who become addicted to drugs, unfortunately often meet a tragic end that causes people to reflect on why they started using drugs.

Parents, family members, and mentors of preteen and teenage kids need to understand the main reasons kids to drugs.  If we start to understand the causes it is much easier to find a solution.  If we can solve this problem or even just scratch the surface, we can save lives.

Knowledge and Rebellion
First and foremost, something we already do know is that a teen that has been properly educated and feels like they can ask their parents anything about drug or alcohol abuse is less likely to become addicted.  Once we are knowledgeable about something and fully understand the consequences of drugs, they start to lose the veil of glamor that surrounded them in the days of rock stars.  Teenagers are looking for ways to rebel, and make them special, if drugs are mysterious things that they think popular rebellious people do they are more likely to try them.  If on the other hand, they have seen the effects of drugs on real people the glamour quickly fades and the reality serves as a deterrent.

Teens who have experimented with drugs, overwhelmingly state that the reason that they first used drugs or alcohol was out of boredom.  How many times have you heard a teenager say they were bored?  I know most young people feel what they think is boredom frequently.  What they mean by bored is not that there is not anything to do, just that there is not anything inspiring or challenging to do.  If your teen tells you they are bored, telling them to go clean their room or do their homework is not the solution.  Encourage your teen to find a sport, art or hobby that they can focus on.  Having a purpose will help them stay focused and give them something they do not want to risk losing.

Finally, many teens feel isolated.  Bullying is a major problem in this country and may teens will turn to alcohol or drugs to seem cooler to their peers or just to numb the pain they are feeling as a result of the bullying.  Drugs and alcohol offer an escape.  Even grown-ups do it.  After a long hard day at work, many an adult will crack open a beer or have a glass of wine.  The difference between a teen doing that and an adult is that most adults know when to stop drinking and have a perspective on life that lets them see that things will get better in the future.  To a teen, feeling picked on or isolated can seem like the end of the world.

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