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Kick Starting Your Child’s Imagination

The latest and greatest technology has given your children toys like Nintendo’s, Wii’s, Tablets, toy phones, toy cash registers and even mini-laptops. Your children have almost every gadget that you have but these days you as a parent have more imagination then your children. Watching TV and playing video games and playing with other technology based toys has sucked the imagination from your children, how are you going to get it back? How can you parents kick start your child’s imagination? You can start by having your own imagination and sharing it with them.

Here are some tips on how you can really kick start your own imagination and then your child’s imagination:

  • Never use anything for its designed purpose
    In order to get your own imagination in gear you need to remember not to use anything for its designed purpose. For example, you find a jump rope in the garage, what do you use the jump rope for? Anything but jumping rope! Make the jump rope an Indiana Jones whip and tie it to your pants, make the jump rope a lifeline and tie it around yourself and something sturdy so that you will not fly away in a storm, you can even make the jump rope an actual rope and tie it from your bike to a wagon (pretending of course that the bike is a horse and the red pull wagon is an old fashioned covered wagon). Let’s say you find a medium sized blanket, that blanket can be used as the roof of a fort, a skirt, a knap sack, and even laying the blanket flat on the ground it can be used as a boat (the floor underneath being water of course). Never use anything for its designed purpose and you are well on your way to jumpstarting your own imagination and your child’s imagination.
  • Lava!
    Starting with the basics, almost every child has grown up playing the imaginary lava game. If your child has not yet played this game then maybe he or she needs a push in the right direction. First take some pillows and throw them around the room, then start on one side of the room and try to get to the other side without touching the ground (the ground is hot lava). You and your child will jump from rock to rock (pillow to pillow) as you try to escape the hot lava.
  • Out of the Box
    The best toy a child can receive, to benefit his or her imagination, is a box. Big boxes small boxes any kind of box has endless imaginative possibilities. You and your child can make a house, a boat, a rocket ship, a submarine, a toy trunk, a place for collectables and so much more.

 There are endless possibilities when a child’s imagination is unlocked and explored.

Author Byline: Madison Hewerdine writes for blogs all over the world and loves to write about family time and about cleanflicks. 


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