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4 Modern Punishments To Stop Your Child From Misbehaving

When you listen to all the stories these days you realize kids grow up far too quickly. They are out causing trouble before you even know what’s happening. If you don’t stop them from misbehaving it can really come back to haunt you. Once they have been causing trouble for a while it will become a part of who they are. It’s maybe not a permanent change in attitude, but it’s definitely hard to get rid of. You’ll find that the only way to shake them out of it is by heavily punishing them. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can do if you don’t want them to throw their life away, or even end up in prison.

Instead of giving them huge punishments when they are already a troublemaker it’s much easier to start disciplining them while they are still young enough to be easily molded into a sensible young man or woman. Some parents think they know how to punish their children, but it’s not quite the same as it was a few years ago. You can’t hit them and grounding them means you always have to be at home with them. There is some cool ways to keep them under control and we’ll go over a few of them now. You might want to test some out before it’s too late.

Ban social networking sites

Kids love coming home and spending all their time on social networking sites. Facebook is probably more important to them than school and they have lots of people they speak to on there. Ban them. Stop them from using it if they start misbehaving. You could install some keylogger software on your computer and check what websites they’ve been on once they have finished. If they are not doing what you tell them then you can them stop them from going on the computer completely.

Make them work for their cell phone

Most kids have a mobile phone and they cost money. Maybe not a lot, but it’s definitely more than someone can afford if they don’t have a job. If you’re the one who keeps their phone in credit you can make them work for it. Get them to do some small jobs around the home that will instill some discipline in them. If they don’t do the work they won’t get to use their phone to call their friends. They’ll have to do what we did years ago and walk to their house.

Stop driving them around in the car

It’s easy to stop someone from going out for a few weeks. Your child won’t like it, but soon it will all be over. You can’t stop them from going out for months, so something you could stop doing is driving them around. If they don’t behave you won’t take them anywhere and they will be stuck in the back garden. You can decide how long this punishment would last, but if they keep breaking the rules you can keep adding on more time. Sooner or later they will realize they need to behave if the want a normal life.

Take away technology

If they are really bad you could send them back to ancient times where they didn’t even know what technology was. Strip their bedroom of game consoles, computers, mobiles, and any other collection of gadgets they seem to have collected over the years. Buy them a notepad and pen so they don’t get bored. If this doesn’t mean they start behaving then there’s not much chance of anything working. Kids love their technology, as sad as that is to say. What happened to the days when a bike was good enough?

Author Byline: Mike Gosling deals with child psychology. He is an avid blogger of matters related to child issues. 


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