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How To Make A Vision Board

vision board

By: Renee Fabian

What are your dreams?  To become a doctor?  Make the basketball team next year?  Everybody has dreams and visions for the future.  It’s important to remember what those dreams are so you always have something positive to look forward to and work on.  To help remember all the great dreams you have, make a vision board!

What is a vision board?  A vision board is a fun, creative and visual way to remind yourself of what your dreams and aspirations are.  Vision boards are usually collections of pictures and words that represent your goals.  These could be big dreams, like a career or one day having a family.  Vision boards can also include smaller goals, like playing a solo at your next music concert or learning to make friendship bracelets.

To start making a vision board, you need to make a list of what your dreams are.   Ask yourself a series of questions and make a list of your answers.  What are your dreams?  Where do you imagine yourself in five, ten years?   What new hobby do you want to learn?  What are your goals for school next year?  What places in the world do you want to visit?  Think of your own questions too and make a list of anything, big or small, that you want to achieve.

Now it’s time to take all those dreams and make them into a vision board.  To make a vision board, you will need a sheet of poster board or a large piece of paper to glue all of your visions to.  You will also need scissors, glue and old magazines or newspapers to cut pictures, letters and words out of.  To make your board extra fun, find glitter, stickers, markers, crayons, and whatever other materials you want to add to make your board special.  This is a chance to put your dreams on display; have fun with it and make it your own.

Now cut out pictures, letters, words, or draw something to represent each item on your dream list.  For example, if you wrote down ‘Ride a Motorcycle’, find a picture of a motorcycle to cut out and add to your board.  Or, if you put ‘Travel to Germany’ on your list, cut out the individual letters for ‘Germany’ to add.  Find pictures and words that will inspire you for each item on your list.

Once you have every entry on your dream list represented, glue these items onto your poster board or paper any way and anywhere you want.  You could put the pictures in neat rows, or scramble everything like a collage.  Be sure to add other fun touches, like glitter or stickers.

Your dreams are important, so get to work on that vision board, and display it proudly so you will always have a reminder to look at for everything you want to achieve!


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