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Holiday Ideas

Top Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

If your children are like most, every year, they may provide you with a lengthy list of items that they want from Santa and from their family. As their parent, you may do your part to divvy up the lists to different family members so that everyone who wants to buy a gift for your children will be able to get something that your child wants and will be excited about. Most kids will have the hottest toys, video games and more on their wish list this year, but there are some great gift ideas that your children may not be thinking about.

 If you are looking for some hot yet unique gift ideas, consider these options:

A Winter Vacation

Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when they open up a gift box on Christmas morning to discover that they are leaving on a surprise winter trip that afternoon or the following day. You can plan a surprise winter vacation to theme parks in warm climates like Florida or California, a cruise vacation in a tropical climate or someplace equally as amazing. This will be a holiday gift that they will certainly enjoy.

Spring Break Camp

Your kids may be equally as thrilled to open up a box and find information about a spring break camp that you have signed them up for. There are camps designed for sports, special interests and more, but there are also traditional spring break camps that feature activities like nature hikes, horseback riding, canoeing and more. Your kids may be even more excited about their surprise camp experience if you work in unison with a friend’s parents so that your child can attend camp with a best friend.

Tickets to a Special Event

Many kids are avid fans of certain musical groups, sports teams and more. You can take time to research special events that will be hosted in your town or a neighbouring town within the next few weeks or months, and purchase tickets to one of those events. You can place the tickets along with a brochure, poster or something else that is relevant in the box.

A Stock Account

While some kids will love to be surprised with a winter vacation, a spring break camp experience or tickets to a special event, others will love to receive a more mature and grown up gift. If your kids have started taking a special interest in saving money or earning money in recent months, you can open a custodial stock account for your kids. You can open the account with a nominal investment, and make regular contributions into the account. This is a gift that can help your child to learn about the benefits of investing as well as how to pick great stocks. With small, regular contributions, this is an account that could help to make your kids financially secure in their adult years.

The fact is that many kids ask for a lot of different things each year, but some of the best gifts are often thoughtful gifts that they were not expecting at all. Consider putting some of these ideas to work this holiday season.

These great parenting tips are brought to you by Jacqui Vincent, mum of four and the owner of MyBabyShoes, and Australian retailer of children’s shoes.


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