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5 Fun Ideas for Building Snowmen With Your Kids

Kids love snow, and when it snows, you can find yourself with a great deal of fun to have with your children. Not only can you go sledding or create snow angels, but you can also spend time with your children building a snowman.


When it comes to snowmen, some people stick to the traditional creations, but you can always have a bit of fun while you’re at it. The following are five fun ideas the next time you build frosty.

1. Make them upside down.

Instead of creating a snowman that sits with the largest ball of snow at the bottom, opt to make a snowman standing on its head instead. Put the smaller balls at the bottom and work your way up to put the larger ball at the top. Then, put the eyes, mouth and nose on the bottom ball, and make it look as if your snowman is now standing on its head.

2. Put them somewhere interesting.

Nobody said that a snowman had to be standing in the front or backyard. Instead, you can opt to have the snowman somewhere fun. For example, build the snowman so that it’s sitting on your swing set, or place the snowman so that it’s standing right next to your mailbox. You can even make the snowman look like it’s doing yard work or building a snowman of its own.

3. Make a snow animal.

Instead of making a snowman, create an animal out of snow instead. Make a snow bunny or a snow dog, or whatever animal you choose. It will force you to get creative and make shapes other than large and small snowballs, but you and your children will have a lot of fun in the process. If you have bushes or trees in your yard, you can always create the snow animal near these items so that it looks as if it’s trying to climb the tree or make  a home in the bushes.

4. Create a snow army.

Instead of making one or two larger snowmen in your yard, use up as much snow as you possibly can and create a snowman army. You can make them smaller than normal, but be sure to put them all throughout your yard. You’ll also need to find more sticks, buttons and carrots to use for the facial features, but it will certainly be fun for you and your family to create, and it will give your neighbors something to laugh about when they drive by.

5. Plank them.

There are so many strange fads that occur throughout the year, and you can make your snowman jump on one of these bandwagons. For example, have your snowman plank across a part of your home, or you can even have them do the owl or another strange fad that is going around. This will certainly be a creative way to make a snowman, and your family will think it’s much more fun to do than a regular one.

Author Byline: Lauren Williams is a freelance writer from Montana.  She enjoys building snowmen and having snowball fights with her children in the winter.


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