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How to Keep Your Kids and Pets From Making So Much Noise


Too much noise can be a nuisance to both you and your neighbors, and if you have pets and kids in your home, you may be in the middle of noise, noise, noise. Thankfully you don’t have to deal with the stares from your neighbors and fill yourself up with headache medicine and ear plugs. Instead, there are easy things that you can do to quiet down both your pets and your kids.


In order to teach your pet to be quiet, you may want to invest in obedient school. Dogs especially learn a lot of great tips by professional trainers, and they can learn to only bark when necessary, such as when strangers are coming to your door or to warn you of other dangers.

Most people make the mistake in yelling at a barking dog to quiet down, but this tactic doesn’t work. Dogs don’t realize that your yelling is a punishment, and instead they think that you’re just barking along with them, which can make them bark louder and more often. Instead, try to calm your dog down using a quiet yet firm voice.

Another great way to quiet a noisy dog is to not reward them with your attention. Yelling at them or getting mad at them for barking is giving them attention. Instead, don’t talk to or touch your pet while they’re barking, and when they finally settle down, reward them with a treat.

You should also make sure that your consistent with your efforts. If you want to teach your pet not be noisy, then you need to stick with it. If you pick and choose when to train your pet, you will only confuse them.


Teaching kids to quiet down is similar to teaching pets to quiet down. All you need is positive reward and consistent training to get the job done.

First, you should always talk to your children about the difference in being noisy inside and outside. Teach them the difference between indoor and outdoor voices and what type of noise level is okay for both. It’s possible that your children don’t know the difference, and telling them can get them to stop.

You should also just try talking to your children and explain why they shouldn’t be noisy. For example, let them know that when they’re loud, you can’t hear other people in the room talking. They may not realize that their noise level is affecting anyone else, and letting them know about it can help them to stop.

Rewarding children for quiet play is also a great way to get them to calm down. Tell your children that you want them to play quietly for a certain period of time, and if they do, you will reward them with extra minutes to play or an extra story before bed.

Like dogs, yelling back at your children will only make the situation worse. If everything else seems to fail, try not giving your child attention when they yell or are noisy, and then reward them for being quiet. If your child is only noisy for attention, taking the attention away can get them to stop.

Author Byline: Joshua Reynolds is a freelance writer from New York.  As the experienced father of five children, he writes some very good parenting tips for new and expecting parents.


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