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Teen Skincare Basics

You should know that becoming a teen is not that easy. This transition can be very confusing. You have been there, right? I’m sure your teens are feeling the same way. They feel that they are carrying a baggage. Some of them look for a perfect group of friends. Some of them are having a hard time with their studies. The changes in their body can be crazy too. And those who are unfortunate, even experience several breakouts. Having pimples can make one insecure. As parents, we shouldn’t allow that to happen. We must help our teens not to experience, or to have at least lessen the chances of having pimples. Here’s what you can do.

teen skincare

Don’t stress your teens. Remember, your teens are going through a tough stage. Your nagging won’t help. If their grades seem to go down, talk to them and ask what’s causing that. You might want them to act properly, but you should know that this is a stage for them to experiment. Let them do their thing. Allow them to experiment. Of course, you still have to watch over them. They might be experimenting too much. Just make sure that you don’t add up to their stress. Come up with weekend family get – a – ways. That can lessen their stress too.

Help them choose the right cosmetics. Your teens might get pretty excited to wear make-up. That’s fine. It’s really part of growing up. But there are cosmetics which are made for older people. Don’t make them wear that. There are a lot of make-ups which are made for teens. These are gentler on the skin. Don’t go for the cheap ones. You might be saving some cash now, but you will be spending more for derma sessions if their skin reacted badly because of the cheap cosmetics. And don’t forget to give them their own sunscreen.

Teach them the proper cleaning rituals. This shouldn’t be hard. Explain the importance of cleaning the face in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Perhaps, it’s the perfect time to buy facial wash and cleansers instead of the usual bar soaps.

Encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Your teens might be enjoying the cyber life. They might be spending hours in front of their android tablets or laptops checking their social networking accounts and chatting with their online friends. Encourage them to be more physically active. Schedule a weekend for a hiking or a swimming activity. If your teens have a healthy lifestyle, I’m sure that it will be seen on their skin.

Or if these things won’t work, you can accompany your teens to a dermatologist. I’m sure he can provide the perfect prescription for your teen. Tell them that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that it’s normal.

Barbara Watson encourages people to have a healthier lifestyle. She even writes for Accessrx.com blog. It contains great articles about health in general.


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