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Top 5 Hobby Suggestions for Teenage Girls

Suggesting taking up a hobby to an angst-ridden teenage girl can be a little bit like walking a tightrope. However, most of the time, once a hobby has been tried out it will be stuck with, if the person has enjoyed it. While teenagers often seem disinterested in pretty much everything, the truth is that they are often just looking for something to occupy their minds at an age when they can’t hang out at the park, but are too young to go to the local bar.

We looked at five hobby suggestions that you could try if you are a teenager, or suggest to your teenage daughter should you have one.


Doll Collecting

Buying collectible dolls is often a brilliant hobby for a teenage girl, primarily for the reason that they are past the age where they are likely to rip the box open and want to play with it. However, don’t be mistaken into thinking this is just a case of buying a doll and leaving it in the box forever, as they can be dressed differently, cleaned up, and even have their hair styled should their owner feel like they want to.

Doll collecting can be quite a quirky hobby without being ‘uncool,’ too, for teenagers worried about their street cred.


If there is something that is a passion in life that you could spend time doing for free, then this might be worth exploring. It might even be something that you think you might like to pursue as a career.

Perhaps you could suggest to your teenage daughter that she can volunteer at the local hospital, or animal sanctuary, for example.

Musical Instruments

Teenage years are a time when communication can become difficult, and often music is a great way for someone to express themselves as well as relax and feel great.

The best thing about music is that it is carte blanche to do whatever you want. Granted, it might not sound great, but at least you are having a blast doing it your way.

Entertainment Passes

Whether it is a season ticket to the local cinema or the local entertainment complex, there are many great options for getting out and about. These are perfect for teenagers who actually want to spend time with their friends rather than conversing through Facebook.

Keep a Diary

Okay, so this isn’t really a hobby, but a diary or a keepsake book can be a great tool for writing down ideas, frustrations, and anything else relating to life that a teen feels unable to discuss with a friend or an adult.

Writing things down is as good as, if not better, than saying them aloud, and getting something off our mind is healthy for everyone.

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