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5 Reasons Why Children Are Growing Up Too Quickly

‘They grow up so quickly these days, don’t they?’ is a common refrain heard around the world coming from the mouths of adults. Children growing up quickly are a bit of a funny thing, with people thinking it is just an automatic occurrence rather than a phenomenon that people allow to happen.

Of course, this happens because modern society doesn’t want to admit responsibility for the things that they don’t like. It wasn’t like that in their day, so surely they cannot be the ones accountable for changes to the world.

Why are children growing up so quickly in 2013, and can anything happen to reverse this trend?


Playtime is No More

The way youngsters spend their leisure time has changed immeasurably in the last 10 to 20 years. Where in the past traditional style dolls and action figures would be the ‘must have’ items on a child’s gift list, now they are replacing them with games consoles and mobile devices.

Parents can easily reverse this by encouraging their children to play with more traditional-style toys, and limiting what time, if any, they are allowing kids to spend on their iPad or mobile phone.

Role Models Have Changed

Years ago, people grew up wanting to be like a TV or film star. Not a lot has changed in that respect, but because the perception of what a star should be children have adapted accordingly. Whereas a Hollywood actress would have been the benchmark in the past, today it is someone from reality television or a trashy magazine who children want to replicate.

This leads us into our next problem.

The Fame Game

Andy Warhol is often quoted about 15-minutes of fame, and children today seem hell-bent on proving him right. Ambitions of being a successful doctor or a lawyer are sharply falling by the wayside as people try to earn some time in the spotlight through reality TV or so-called ‘talent shows.’

Early Sexualization

In recent years, several brands have come under fire for manufacturing and selling things like provocative lingerie and booster bras aimed at teenage girls and in some cases even younger children.

Although these were widely shunned by parents looking to protect their youngsters, they were only reflective of a society that now promotes the early sexualization of both sexes using models as well as cosmetic products.

The School Playground

A big problem for even the most protective of parents is that, no matter how hard they work to keep their child ‘at their age,’ there will always be things they hear at school and people they meet that will inspire them to ‘go against the grain.’

Unfortunately this is always going to happen, but parents can continue to encourage their children to pursue their own path and reinforce good habits in order to aid their development.

This article was written by A Girl for All Time. A Girl for All Time provides award-winning gift ideas for girls, including dolls, novels, and keepsake books, which are perfect age-appropriate activities for pre-teenage girls to ensure they don’t grow up too quickly.


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