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Teen Pregnancy – Quick Guide For Parents

Your daughter asked if she can talk to you.

You have been noticing that she was quite uneasy lately.

She’s gaining weight and you think that she is pregnant.

She said yes.

What do you have to do? Slapping shouldn’t be an option.


Here are some of the things which you have to do if you found out that your teen got pregnant. I know that it would be very hard not to get mad or disappointed. But you have to do it for the sake of your kid and your soon – to – be grandchild.

Don’t show that you are disappointed or mad. Your teens can easily tell if you are disappointed or mad. That will make them more stressed. We all know that stress s is never good for a pregnant person. Even if it is challenging to pretend that you are OK, try your best to conceal what you really feel. Act normal and don’t distant yourself from your teen. She needs you now more than ever. Imagine yourself carrying your grandchild. That will soften your heart in an instant.

Guide them to a better lifestyle. Your teens might be having a hard time leaving their old lifestyle. Teens are usually junk food eaters. They munch Lays, drink sodas and they usually sleep late at night. Since there is another life in their womb, one should change for the better. Drop all the junk foods, stop all the vices and live healthier. As parents, you can help by monitoring their habits.

Give them tips on how they can become good parents. It would be a good idea if you have a serious talk with your teen. It doesn’t matter if your child is the woman or the man. They will be parents months from now. It is, without a doubt, going to be a drastic change. Share them your own experiences when you had your first child. Give them practical tips and let them know that you will be behind them for guidance.

Don’t force them into marriage. I know that some parents can be a bit old – fashioned or old – school. They think that marriage is the solution for their teen’s situation. But that is not the solution. Remember that a pregnant person can get really emotional. Getting married per se is quite stressful. Don’t add another emotional baggage. Again, it will not do any good most especially to their baby.

Ensure that they regularly visit their doctor. It is very important that a professional sees the development of a pregnant person. There should be a monthly check – up. Or if the due date is near, a weekly check – up is necessary. Also, it is crucial that they take proper vitamins. Doctors would prescribe that and make sure that they will take it. It’s for their baby too.

Every baby is a blessing. Take care of them most especially if they are still inside their mother’s womb.

Author Byline: Barbara Watson believes that all pregnant women should be taken care of. She wants all new born babies to be healthy.


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