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Why Does America’s Youth Vote Democrat?

In several polls it’s been found that voters under 30 are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican. In fact, 43% of Generation Y voters who say they are registered to vote self-identify as either Democratic or;Independent but feel closer to Democratic,” according to a survey completed by Scarborough Research.

In this post, we’ll look at the voting trends and the reasons why Americans between the age of 18 and 29 vote blue.

America’s youth have a liberal view on social issues, even those who vote Republican.

Some say that if the Republican Party is going to be successful in the future, it needs to focus its platform less on social issues. A lot of today’s young population care more about the economy than they do abortion and that includes both young Democrats and Republicans.

In fact, one poll by the Pew Research Center that assessed voting trends found that 37% of Republican voters under 30 favor same sex marriage. That’s a 7% increase from eight years ago.


The growing minority population does not vote Republican.

Thirty-four percent of Generation Y voters identify as non-white, and non-whites are likely to vote Democrat.

In the 2008 Presidential Election, President Obama won 95% of the Black vote, 67% of the Latino vote, and 62% of the Asian-American vote. These percentages do not account for any particular age group. However, given the fact that the minority population will become the majority population by 2050 it’s clear that Republicans need to find a way to connect with a more diverse demographic if they are going to garner the youth vote.

As voting trends stand now, most youth lean Democrat.

The numbers show that Young Democrats are a committed group.

Generation Y Democrats make up 7% of all registered voters, and they are a committed bunch. One study found that 73% of registered Millennial Democrats say they will “always” vote in presidential elections.

Education is concern number one for many members of Generation Y.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 reports having completed some college coursework, which means government grants and student loans are likely a top priority for the majority of young Americans. The Democratic Party has made education a priority. The Obama Administration has made affordable high education one of its key issues.

Other issues important to Generation Y include health care and funding for national service programs, both of which are also priorities of The Obama Administration. When you look at voting trends and the current issues of today it is clear why Americans youth vote Democrat.

This is a guest post by Allison Murray. Allison recommends finding more great information on voting trends at Dialog.Scarborough.com.


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