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Simple Crafts That You Can Do With Your Teens

Finding simple crafts to do with your teens is not always easy. Teenagers are picky and highly value their time. However, with some creativity and an open mind you can find crafts they will enjoy. The key is finding something that spikes their interest.


For Fashion Minded Teens

If your teen is into fashion, encouraging her to design her clothes might be the perfect project. This does not need to be hard. You can use old clothing to create some stylish and fun accessories. A great idea is to create some unique fingerless gloves. Find an old sweater or a long sleeved t-shirt. Your teen can select the one you use. Next, measure out how long you want them to be. Again, your teen can choose what kind of style he or she wants. Cut the sleeves at the desired length. Hem the edge using a sewing machine or by hand stitching. Try the sleeves on and use a pin to mark where the thumb hole needs to be. Use some matching thread to stitch the thumb hole. This entire project can take less than a couple of hours, plus it is relatively easy. There are plenty of other ideas such as using old clothing to make scarves, hats, leg warmers, and purses.

For Anime or Video Game Fans

Chances are that if your teens loves anime and/or video games, they have a favorite character. By following a simple sewing pattern, you can create a plushie with your teen. A plushie is a simplified stuffed toy of a particular character. Most of the time they are made out of felt with components either sewn or glued on. You can find a generic pattern for a plushie character. Your teen uses his/her creativity to turn it into the character of choice. This usually involves things like hair color, eyes, and clothing. Because these are so simple, they are easy to make even if sewing by hand.

Teens are very individual and have things in which they are deeply interested. Creating a quilt to express these interests is a great idea. There are easy quilting patterns if you or your teen is just getting started. Check out quilt patterns from thequiltpatternshoppe.com for some ideas. You can use school colors, animal designs, or other themes to make it special for your teen.

Having some simple craft ideas for your teens is a great way to communicate and bond. It also teaches them some useful skills. See if your teen is interested in these simple crafts.

Iris Pulga, a craft person by nature is the blogger behind Entrepremom.info, a blog about marriage, parenting and everything in between. She works hand in hand with The Quilt Pattern Shoppe in promoting arts and crafts.


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