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Essay Writing Tips For Kids

If essay writing is difficult for adults then it must be a serious headache for kids. Helping your kids do with their writing at a young age will set them up well in their education. It’s a way of both teaching them about essay writing rules and preparing them for a future of better essay writing. Once they get used to doing it they’ll find it easier to confront in the future.


Start Simple

Help them pick on simple topics to start with. They should be the kind of topics where they can easily do research, be creative and express their imagination. The best essay topics to begin with are those that have to do with situations they have physically experienced. This is because they already have a mental picture of what it’s all about and it will be much easier for them to comprehend, analyze, process and put it into words.

Familiar Topics

Don’t force your kids into writing about topics that are completely alien to them. Help them come up with concepts that are easily perceived, so that the essay writing process will be much easier for them. Familiar topics give them confidence, assurance and ideas so they will be able to write effectively and constructively.


If you want to bring out the writer in your kids then you need to engage them in constructive, fun and interactive brainstorming. If it’s an older child, verbal discussions can be helpful. Brainstorm about everything from the topic to the introduction, and from the body to the conclusion. Don’t do the thinking for them, just give them tips and allow them to provide the answers and their own solutions. Younger children can be supported with images and diagrams because young minds pick concepts faster with Images.

Source Of Ideas

It’s a fact that you need to find a great idea an essay before you embark on the project. It’s easy for adults to find ideas because of their greater experience, but that’s not the case for kids. Help them find topics through their English textbooks, playground activities, cartoons, storybooks and personal experiences. You can also get photographs and inspire them into checking through it and creating a topic of their own from it.


One of the biggest issues with teaching kids how to write essays is the problem of structure, in terms of paragraphs. You need to carefully teach them about the importance of paragraphs and how to write out different points using them. Teach them about writing short sentences first then gradually developing them into simple and conclusive paragraphs. Children can be tempted to keep writing without stopping especially if they happen to know the topic well.


This is an important aspect you must pay attention to and help them get to grips with early on. To help them make sure to correct comma errors and allow them to read the sentences and paragraphs aloud so they can know exactly when a sentence is not reading well.


Teaching kids the importance of proofreading will make their essay better and also get them used to doing it which is a good habit for any writing task. Make them read out the whole essay aloud so they can notice their spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors clearly.

Remember to be patient and don’t rush them. Teach them on a step-by-step basis that allows them easily conceptualize their topic before moving towards structure and conclusions. Group writing is also helpful so if you have more than one child you can organize them in a group to contribute to each others progress.

Alison Broker is a professional copywriter who has taught all of her children how to write high quality essays.


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2 thoughts on “Essay Writing Tips For Kids

  1. Thanks! Please share 🙂

    Posted by Dangerous Lee | February 4, 2013, 1:27 am
  2. WOW great and simple tips! I can say these are the tips for all not only for kids. Thanks for sharing

    Posted by DARRYL | February 4, 2013, 1:15 am

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