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Valentine’s Day Is For Children Too!

RomanceWhile Valentine’s Day is a day of romance that is rich in history, it is also a day for children. It is a day to show love and appreciation. Helping our children celebrated and understand the romantic friendship holiday helps to put it into perspective assures that the dreams of St. Valentine will never be forgotten.

There are plenty of celebrations for children on Valentine’s Day including at school. Children often exchange cards and have heart-shaped cookies for snacks. We need to teach our children that Valentine’s Day is not about competition for the popular girl but more so about love and respect. It is about standing for what is right and following your heart. It is also about teaching, learning and equal opportunity just as the equal opportunity for marriage and religion that St. Valentine died to preserve.

Educate the Kids

It is important to explain to children what Valentine’s Day means to you, also tell them why you feel the way you do. Tell them what you expect of others on this day, as well as what others may expect of you or them. Share your experiences, and recognize that even on the most painful Valentine’s Days that there is nothing worse than the fate of that man awaiting his execution in the name of his Lord and in the name of love so many centuries ago.

You can really make this a fun occasion for your child by explaining why they need to give Valentines to every classmate and make the cards by hand with them while you have the conversation. This is not meant to be a sad or selfish occasion. Remember, children often mimic the parents, so be a selfless and loving example of what the spirit of the occasion is truly meant to be about.

Teddy Bear & Pink FlowersHistory 

History is important, but sometimes it is difficult for a child to comprehend.  You can help them by simplifying it. Explain to your child that long ago a priest once stood for the things that he believed in. Things like marriage and being a solider was not allowed, but he stood for it anyway. He even practiced it, and he helped free prisoners held captive by The Roman Empire. He was finally put to death after he was found marrying couples in secret.

His death could have been avoided, but instead of turning from his beliefs he stood fast beside them, and he even tried to offer the Emperor salvation through coming to know his Lord before death. He wrote a letter to a woman he had healed signing it “from your Valentine”. The woman was a jailer’s daughter who had been blind. These words that the woman was able to read with her own eyes as she wept for the Priest are still used today as sentiments to mark the day.


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