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How To De-Clutter The Family Car

Family vehicles can get messy so quickly, and they can come to feel more like a nightmare than a mode of transportation. With the four tips below, de-cluttering the family vehicle will be a simple process that helps everyone feel better about their car ride.


Get the Family on Board

It’s a family vehicle, so it should be a family conversation. It’s not one person’s job to clean a family vehicle, and work gets done more quickly when everyone helps out. The key to success is to get everyone on board with the idea of keeping the vehicle clean and organized. Once the family agrees to the new plan, it will be easier to maintain the car’s cleanliness.

Do a Spring Cleaning

Clear out the car from side to side, and then from top to bottom. Clean it like the president will be driving it, or a favorite celebrity. Clean it once, really well, and then maintaining the cleanliness will be straightforward. This big cleaning will set the tone for what’s to come.

Find a Place for Belongings and for Trash

During the first big cleaning spree, remove anything from the vehicle that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Kids like to bring things into the car and so do adults. Have 2 to 3 containers, or nice boxes with lids, where the family can keep their travel entertainment items. Be sure that everyone knows why the boxes are there and that they should be used. In addition, keep a small garbage container or bag in the car at all times. That way, when family members have wrappers to throw out, the garbage doesn’t end up piling on the floor or in the side of the door.

Keep it in Check

Make “Car Cleaning Day” the same day each week. Put it in the iCalendar with a reminder. Better yet, make it the shared responsibility of the whole family to tidy-up their messes after each car ride. Cleaning the car quickly after each trip will be a lot more convenient than spending two hours cleaning it on the weekend when everyone would rather be doing something else. The car can be clean, and it doesn’t need to take much effort. Success is in starting out right, with a good cleaning spree, and then getting things organized. Keeping up with it doesn’t need to be a chore – it just needs to be done often and quickly, and with a bunch of hands.

Tammy enjoys writing about a wide array of topics on her blog and she covers subjects such as travel, parenting, cars, etc She also love to take her pet golden retriever to dog shows around the country.


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