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Why You Should Never Throw Away Your Toys

What would your childhood have been like if you did not have any toys?  Whether you had a handful of toys or many different bundles of them, your childhood was greatly altered and even enhanced by the mere presence of some of your favorite toys.     Now that you have gotten older, you may look down on these toys and think that they would be better off in the trash can since they are clearly a waste of space now.  The odds of you still pulling out your toy chest and playing with your old action figures and dolls as you did when you were a child is slim to none, so now you may feel as if they are not worth holding on to any longer.  That would be a huge mistake, though, because you should never throw your toys away regardless of how old you are now.  Why not?


They Have Sentimental Value

Even though the vast majority of your toys would hardly be worth any money today, they have a much higher increment of value that no amount of money could ever match – sentimental value.  Think about all of the memories that you made over all of the months and even years that these toys were attached at your hip.     You brought them with you wherever you went, gave them unique names and personalities and you even took the time to have full conversations with them when no one else was around to talk to you.  Throwing them away would be disposing of their priceless worth and also disposing of the physical reminders that could trigger your memory about those precious moments.

They Make Great Gifts for Your Own Children

It may be true that you no longer need to play with these toys in your adult life, but you need to take other people into consideration besides yourself.  What about your children?  Wouldn’t they enjoy being able to play with the same toys that their parents played with once upon a time?     You may have an overabundance of available dolls for girls and toy soldiers for boys that they can use for hours and hours as if they were brand new.  Think about all of the money that you could be saving that you would have had to spend on brand new toys if you didn’t have your old toys to give your children instead.

They Make Great Gifts for Other Children

Even if you do not have children at all or your children have already grown up and left those toys behind, there are still many other children out there that would thoroughly enjoy playing with them.  You can consider selling them at a yard sale or even donating them to a child day care center or homeless shelter so that more and more children will continue to find joy and excitement in these toys that you were considering throwing away once upon a time.  As you can see, even though you may personally be done with your toys does not necessarily mean that other children will not be able to find the value in them that you no longer cherish.

This article was written by Kate Carson. Kate has been writing content for a wide variety of different clients for many years, but she thoroughly enjoys each opportunity that she has to write about a topic that she is passionate about – such as priceless presents like dolls for girls and other valuable toys from her childhood.


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