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Benefits of Drama Class For Kids


When some people think of drama classes, or acting lessons, they tend to think of them for use by those who want to pursue a career in acting. However, drama lessons aren’t just for blossoming industry professionals, they are used by the everyday person who wants to express their creativity, build confidence in a group setting, or as an emotional outlet. The benefits in enrolling your child in such a class are far-reaching and help to pave the way to a well-rounded, confident child.

Build Positive Self-Esteem

It is no surprise that the arts provide an environment in which students can have fun while simultaneously building their skill set and feeling better about themselves. Students are able to practice speaking in front of an audience and fine-tune their abilities, while creating and improving upon numerous strengths while building self-confidence. The amount of public speaking the children do correlates to their comfort level with performing in front of an audience. Being a part of a group working together aids in fostering confidence and self-worth in the child. Not only do these skills benefit the child in the classroom, but also in future social and educational endeavors as well.

Emotional Escapism

Children who become accustomed to performing different types of roles learn to channel their emotions, whether it be anger, resentment, or envy into a positive outlet. Not only does this provide an emotional release for the child, but he or she is also becoming well versed in the art of communicating in the process. The commitments to character the children endure in acting leads them to be able to openly communicate these feelings outside the classroom as well. Not only is this beneficial for the children’s communication skills, but also therapeutic as they are able to just let go and go with their creative expression.

Team Work

By working together and performing as a group, children learn the true art of collaboration, cooperation, and team work. This paves the way for the children in practicing group problem-solving skills, interpersonal relations, and being able to identify with and feel for others. The ability for children to positively interact with others at a young age gives them a head start in terms of individual, social, and even professional development in the future.

Social Skills

Children often practice written communication in school, but seldom is the art of simply speaking and listening explored. Improving upon oral communication skills will aid your child in developing good social relationships, and even find and retain employment in the future. By learning the art of drama, children become familiar with social cues, mannerisms, and tone, all of which, in the adult world, are used on a daily basis.

Heather P. feels very passionate about child development and their self esteem. She firmly believes that Inspired Arts Resources increases self esteem in children.


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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Drama Class For Kids

  1. I totally agree with you….I have been teaching drama to elementary school children for over twenty years for the simply reasons you have stated in your article…………………

    Posted by Wilma Grant | September 8, 2014, 4:11 pm
  2. I totally agree with you….I have been teaching drama to elementary children for over twenty years for the simply reasons you have stated in your article…………………

    Posted by Wilma Grant | September 8, 2014, 4:10 pm

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