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What Age Should Children Start To Wear Makeup?

makeupAlmost all girls love to play around in their mother or sister’s cosmetic case. While some of the older women see this as harmless fun, other can be rather rigid about it. Though this rarely changes, the younger persons of today have a variety of mediums that tell us that it is okay to for kids as young as three to wear a full face of makeup. This is the most common as beauty pageants for toddlers have become both a cult sensation as well as concern for today’s youth.

Parents view

While some of these parents feel that participating in these events will boost their child’s self-esteem or give them a leg up in the entertainment field, other parents have a more pragmatic opinion such as covering college education expenses. Whatever the reason, some people tend to feel that wearing makeup can be productive, in a sometimes strange way.

Others are against it because youngsters do not have the discipline to handle wearing makeup. For instance, a teen may want to wear heavy foundation as a way to cover up their “pizza face”. While there are many cosmetics on the market that would be ideal, such as the use of mineral-based makeup, some teens cannot handle the care that goes into removing these products safely.

Even if a teen has problem acne, many parents tell them to just tough it out or start eating better but there is no way that they will allow their child to wear makeup that will give strangers the wrong impression.

Start off make up

Sometimes, it may start off simple such as lightly-colored gloss or a little rouge but then comes the need to get a little heavy-handed. This can happen gradually over time and your teen may feel the need to add on those things that will add a little emphasis to their look. This can be mascara, eyeliner or even cosmetic glitter, which really is best for nighttime wear.

Another common concern is that the products may be too drying for a young person’s soft skin texture. Or too oily as this is especially the case with foundations. Teens and others are most likely to buy these from drug stores where the majority of products are filled with cheap oils and other synthetic ingredients. These are not only known to speed up the aging process with prolonged use but have also been linked to a number of serious health issues, such as respiratory problems and cancer. While there is no way for teens to know exactly what to look for, it may be best to keep it simple.

Start with a gloss or lipstick that is close to their skin color. If they want to use liner, suggest one that is not black as it can give a harsh look that will age them.

Another suggestion would be to take them to the makeup counter at your favorite department store and have the salesperson make some wise suggestions. This is a good way to be involved and it may be fun as well.

writes for Lifesure Beauty Insurance. Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.


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One thought on “What Age Should Children Start To Wear Makeup?

  1. I started to wear face makeup roughly when I was 18 years old – when I left for university. Before that while in highschool I mostly just wore gloss and mascara. At 22 years old I started to wear full face makeup investing in powders and eyeshadows. I’m 26 now and just recently started to do more of a full face makeup.

    Posted by LifeOfKSong | February 25, 2013, 9:38 am

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