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5 Common Problems That High School Students Face

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Many adults look back on high school as the best time of their life. However, when you’re in the middle of it, you often don’t realize how good you have it. In reality, today’s high schoolers face a lot of problems that other generations haven’t had to deal with. Here are five common problems that high school students must face regularly.

Societal Pressures

High school students regularly have to face problems with societal pressure. Regardless of where they were to school, they will face pressure to do things they probably shouldn’t be doing. For instance, they will be pressured to do drugs, drink alcohol, have sex, send naked pictures, and a host of other items. One of the biggest societal pressures in today’s culture is dressing in a sexual manner. Girls are being taught that they’re supposed to look sexy at a very young age, and it’s leading to a host of issues.

Keeping Up With Academics

Another problem that high school students have to face is keeping up with their academics. While high school isn’t quite as tough as college, it still carries with it some academic responsibility. When you mix in family life, extracurricular activities, sports, and hanging out with friends, that doesn’t leave much time for homework. Some students in high school even take dual credit classes that are supposed to give them credits for college. This leads to even more pressure.

Performing in Other Activities

Many high school students choose to participate in extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, baseball, band, speech, or debate. Most of the time, they have to practice for these programs every day. Then they have games or concerts or performances that they have to do well in. This puts more pressure on them in addition to the other issues that they have to deal with. Those who are talented at their activities are also trying to impress colleges so that they can score a scholarship after graduation.

Issues of Faith

Another common problem that many high school students face is dealing with their faith. Many students are raised in an environment that leads them to believe in one type of religion. Then when they get to high school, they come across atheists, agnostics, and people who believe in a different faith. Many students are made fun of because of what they believe. Others have a hard time explaining why they believe what they believe. Because of this, many high school students end up abandoning their faith or trying to hide it so that they can avoid being made fun of.


One of the most prevalent problems in high school is that of stereotypes. Everyone is grouped into a particular group or sect, and it’s hard to shake that label. For example, you’ve got the jocks, the nerds, the preppy kids, the rich kids, poor kids, and others. If a child thinks more favorably of one particular group, they may try everything that they can to try to be included in that group. Sometimes, that leads to making mistakes or bad decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t make. This also leads to cliques being formed. Many cliques tend to hate each other, for no apparent reason, which can lead to major problems.

Regardless of what problems you or your child face in high school, there will be some trials to deal with. How the student manages to deal with these issues and bounce back will play a big role in their success later in life. Just remember that high school is only one small section of life.

School psychologist Cindy Peters works with students to help them through some of their more troubled times and make sure that they are staying on track with their academic work. She enjoys writing helpful articles for students and parents alike; also, Cindy has contributed to a resource for anyone who’s ever asked, “How Do I Become A School Psychologist?”



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