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Is Rap Music Too Explicit For High School Dances?

Teenagers of latest generations are seeming to grow up faster and faster. Relationships, pregnancies, and maturity levels. Keeping kids young and out of trouble is a very vital key to having successful adults out of them. What happens in their schools while growing up as a teenager might be one the most reflective time of their entire lives.

The argument of what can and cannot happen in schools has been a battleground of arguments for decades. Differences in opinions on what kids are allowed to do and be a part of in school is a huge factor to how children turn out. Parents constantly worry about factors like these and you won’t understand fully until you have kids of your own.

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rap music

Rap Music at School Dances

School dances have been around forever and kids seem to really enjoy them. It gives them a great opportunity to meet new kids and have fun together. These dance most likely include music to dance to and the argument of which music they hear on school grounds is very debatable.

Rap music is one of the most popular genres of music to dance to in the world. With its specific rhythm and beat, it makes for a great dancing theme. The worst anchor weight that rap music carries with it, is the fact of provocative lyrics. If you listen to music and don’t live under a rock, then you have heard some nasty rap music lyrics.

Should Our Kids Be Hearing This

When the kids are out of school, their parents hold the choice of what is brought into their living environment and what is not. But in an open faculty arrangement like a public school, what is introduced to the kids must be selected carefully. Not everything is agreeable on by all parents and teachers. The question is, is rap music too explicit to listen to at a public school dance?

The Ultimate Cure to Our Problem

The most logical answer to this dilemma is to just play rap music with clean lyrics, correct? Not exactly. One student’s parents feel even those clean lyrics are not for her son to hear. One persons idea of clean lyrics differ from anothers. So this creates the ideal dilemma of not having a conclusion that ends well for both sides.

Just Quarantine “My Child” from Rap

At the end of the day, most public schools are going to play rappers music because these kids can hear this stuff on their local radio so what’s really to worry about, right? That’s your judgement call to make. If you don’t agree, you can always quarantine your kids of scenarios like these and become strict parents.

It really boils down to how firm you believe how much rap music can have an effect on your son or daughter. There are some very explicit songs playing right now as we speak. What effect could it be doing ask yourself.

This author is known as c-dubz as his nickname and goes strong at the art of writing around rap and hip hop music. There is so much to be said about this genre of music in so many different ways.


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