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Skipping School To Take A Family Holiday

Saving Money While Holidaying During School Term

Everyone needs a holiday, and a break from the stresses and strains of daily life. The traditional family holiday in the summer term break is slowly becoming a luxury rather. Travel costs have increased and in periods of high demand in other industries you see costs driven down with the increased competition. However, with travel the opposite is true and the high demand during schools holidays seems to be justification enough for to dramatically increase the costs of travel.

Global economy

With the global recession still raging on and with little sign of improving families are looking at alternative cheaper ways of going on holiday. On such method has been the rise of the ‘staycation’, a holiday using your family home as a base but getting out and having family trips each day.

Initially you think this will be a lot cheaper as you are saving a lot on the accommodation costs, but many attractions can $30-40 per person to visit, with food on top you can see how costs can add up quickly. A ‘staycation’ can often end up costing just as much as a package holiday.

Breaking the rules

Another growing trend is taking a family holiday outside of normal school holiday dates. Which enable families to tap into the cheaper travel rates. In fact, research says that 55% of parents wouldn’t mind their children missing a bit of term time, even if it means sacrificing important academic like the GCSE years for 15-16 year-olds, or those crucial A-Levels during your child’s last year of school.

Massive savings

The issue of holidaying during term-time has become a much-debated one. After being swamped in study and work and looking after the house, as well as all those other chores and duties that can make everyday life such a nightmare, the idea of a holiday abroad will often spring up with a great deal of appeal. So why should you pay up to $4,000 – a short, all-inclusive family trip to Malta during the Easter break is predicted at an average cost of over $3,500 – when you could get the same trip during term for almost $2,000 less.

The problem with traveling abroad while schools are still running is that your child is in danger of falling behind in class. And the teachers know this – is it really fair to ask these teachers to review past topics which were covered over the previous two weeks, for the sole benefit of one pupil? The government would say no.

Better learning through

With this in mind, and based on extensive research, a lot of parents have argued that a week’s break abroad could actually benefit the child more than yet another week sitting in the classroom. For many parents across the country, it’s unfair that a holiday simply implies lying on the beach all day. If you take into account the potential to visit museums, geographical landmarks and historical sites, there is much to be learned on a family trip.

Cheap deals during term-time will often allow for these working parents to take their children on a refreshing and educational adventure out of the tedium that daily routines can induce.


Colin McDonald writes on behalf of Potters Leisure Resort –pottersholidays.com


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