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5 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Enjoy School


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Everyone says that our schooldays are the best years of our lives. But for lots of kid, school is a stressful environment. Here are just five ideas to get your child enjoying their school days!

Help with homework:

Homework can be an intimidating task, especially if your child struggles with a certain subject. I’m sure we all remember those stressful evenings trying to understand long division and memorize our timetables! Setting aside an hour every evening to go over homework and help explain any aspects your child is struggling to understand can build on their confidence and seriously decrease their stress levels. This will also build up their confidence during lessons and help increase their self-esteem.

Allow friends over after school:

Letting your child bring a friend home for dinner once a week can give them something to look forwards to as well as helping them solidify friendships outside of the playground. That way they’ll know they have a good friend at school and won’t feel so nervous about leaving the home each morning!

Encourage them to join after school clubs:

Clubs are a great way to get your child interested in other activities while also helping them to make more friends and associate school with something other than lessons. Homework clubs are especially good for children who struggle with after school work. This will help them catch up on any work they don’t understand and show them that they are not the only ones having trouble!

Read them school-based stories:

Reading your child stories about other children having adventures and fun at school can put a sense of excitement back into their schooling experience. Harry Potter and The Worst Witch are just two examples of books like these. Letting your child see school as a background for adventure instead of a boring or stressful environment can really help to strip away any nerves!

What does the school offer?

School incentives can really make a difference to how your child feels about school. Things like reward schemes can give your child something to work towards and get excited about. For example, some schools offer a Star of the Week scheme which picks two children from each year group once a week to receive a colourful certificate for things like a good piece of work or being helpful in class. Find out what school incentives your child’s school offers and maybe suggest some new ideas! So there you have your five ways to help your child enjoy school. Helping with homework, inviting friends over for tea, after school clubs, reading school-based adventure books and school incentives can all help to make sure your child has a stress-free and fun school experience!

Does your child dislike going to school? What do you do to get them enjoying the day? Let me know in the comments below!


Jasmine is a Journalism and English student as well as a passionate reader. She spends her spare time writing and plotting to be a best-selling author.  She writes for Classroom Carrots


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