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Tips For Parenting Boys

Some parents believe that the same parenting style can be used on all of their children, but it can’t. Girls and boys are different, and it’s important that parents understand that they need to parent girls and boys differently in order to raise them right, get through to them, and show them love.

If you are raising a little boy, the following are four tips to help you parent them effectively.

Father and Son Canoeing in lake in Kissimmee

1. He needs action.

You may desperately hope for a quiet day at home, but your little boy is a mover, and he always will be. The best way to parent a little boy is to allow them to move and to be active. Enroll them in some playgroups or spend time outside when the weather is nice. This energy is their way of exploring and learning, and you will never win a battle that involves getting your little boy to sit still. When you need your child to be quiet, such as in church, it’s important that you still allow their mind to be stimulated through action by allowing them to get up and walk around every now and then or rewarding them with an action-packed activity.

2. Physical roughhousing is beneficial.

You don’t want your child to fight with their siblings, but you need to understand that roughhousing is a way that little boys show emotion. While you may want to stop them from punching or kicking you or other family members, their bear hugs and tackles are a way of playing and showing you that they love you, so you shouldn’t punish them for it. Roughhousing in little boys has been known to promote intelligence and increase their endorphins, which helps them feel good. Allow them to play rough every now and then, and just make sure that your valuables are out of the way.

3. Teach chivalry at an early age.

Your little boy will eventually grow up into a man, and if you want him to find a loving relationship and ensure that he treats his significant other with respect, you need to start early. Make sure to teach your little boy about manners, and also make sure to teach him about respecting women when he’s young. Teach him to open doors for his mom or his female siblings, and teach him the importance of giving flowers and telling girls when they look pretty. The earlier you can mold chivalry into your son, the better man he will be.


4. Don’t compare him to girls.

Every parent often compares their child to others, but it’s extremely important not to compare your boy to a little girl. Girls reach milestones earlier than boys do, and they’re often more mature than boys are at a young age. Plus, girls grow sooner than boys, so don’t think that your son will be a short man if he’s shorter than every girl in his class, and don’t think you raised him wrong if he’s jumping around and the girls are sitting quietly. Boys and girls are different, and your son will learn and grow at his own pace.


Joshua Reynolds is a freelance writer from Dallas.  As a father with three sons, he often shares tips for successfully parenting boys via blogging.

Photo credit: Experience Kissimmee, Florida




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