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What Are The Top Young Fashion Trends For 2013?


While it is undeniable that billions of people around the world take great pride in what they look like and how they dress, one of the biggest demographics in terms of the time dedicated to such activities is teenagers.

At an early age, it is easy to be dragged into fickle fads that fashion frequently throws at us, and as such we spend a lot of time worrying about our appearance, and more specifically, perhaps, what people think of how we look.

While these habits recede as we get older, finding the right fashions at a young age can still be a difficult task. We looked at some of the leading ‘young fashions’ for 2013, and why they are likely to be so popular.

Urban Clothing

Urban style has been massively popular in recent years, especially as it has become colloquially known as ‘street style.’

Items such as the New Era hat, for example, have become definitive garments for a whole generation, and when accompanied by a baseball jacket, baggy jeans and high top trainers, the give the distinct urban look to which so many aspire to.

This look is so desirable as it helps to breed confidence and a sense of self-worth in younger people, which will then grow and be of benefit to them in other areas of their life.

Traditional Styles

Young people from various cultures around the world are increasingly embracing styles representative of their religion or way of life. Even in places such as the United Kingdom, for example, young Muslims and Hindus are continuing to embrace traditional religious dress in a society that often places a premium on contemporary style.

While in the past choosing something different would be seen as cool or an act of rebellion, this is now being shunned in favor of classical, tasteful styles that are true to their religion and upbringing.

This can also be great for youngsters who are looking to take the time to discover their own identity and sense of style, without being exposed to the pressures that society can place on people to maintain an exemplary appearance from an increasingly young age.

Young Adult

By the time teenagers reach a certain age, they aren’t likely to head into the shops and see what the best fashion options are in the children’s clothes section.

We are increasingly seeing more teenagers shopping adult fashions, and from a younger age, too. While this is a positive in terms of helping with confidence and developing the concept of image, parents will have a responsibility to regulate what is being worn to avoid the ‘over sexualization’ of both young men and women.

Adult trends that we can expect to see teenagers embracing in 2013 include check patterns for women, and vintage sports clothing for men, which is a continuation from a popular trend last year.

The next twelve months will continue to see teenagers experimenting and trying to define their look. As long as they focus on themselves and not what others think, they will do very well in doing so.


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