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5 Ways To Volunteer With Your Family


We all know that it’s important to give back to our community. With busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to locate places to volunteer time, donate cans, and find the local Salvation Army to donate to. Well now it’s time to round up your family and make the time to give back and it can be done with little to no effort!

1. Clean Up Your Neighborhood

A daily stroll in the neighborhood can turn into a small clean up project to keep your neighborhood clean. Walking along you may even be able to encourage some of the other children to get involved, or make it into a game!

2. Volunteer Time with the Elderly

There are many senior centers that welcome volunteers to spend time with their residents. Contact the locations near you for more information on how to get involved. These activities can include reading to a group, teaching a class or craft, bringing them food, or just spending quality time and building relationships.

 3. Recycling

Something we all know in the back of our minds we should be better about. Plastic bottles, paper, glass. Not all communities have recycling services, so that makes this task a bit inconvenient. Contact your city to see if you have these services and if they do, how do you go about getting a recycle bin. If you’re not so lucky, make your own recycle center! Set up a tub or container for bottles and newspapers. Take them to recycle centers yourself, or if you know a location that does recycle. This could even turn into a money making opportunity where cans and glass can be purchased.

 4. Holidays

The season of giving! Check your local websites, libraries, schools, and other citywide resources for information about toy drives, food donation centers, angel trees, Salvation Army pick up centers and more. As a family choose a needy family or couple of children and pick out the things they have listed as “needs” together.

 5. Food Bank/Drive

When your kids come home with slips of paper to bring in canned goods and non-perishable items for the school’s annual food drive, take this opportunity to teach them about what a food bank is and how they help people. But don’t wait for the school to bring up the topic. There are many local food banks and national food banks that serve our communities and country as a whole. Collecting cans from your own pantry, and asking neighbors and friends to contribute will involve the entire family and set the tone to a family that gives back.

About the Author: Michelle is a blogger for Forward Home Security. She loves graphic design, social media, spending hours on Pinterest, and hanging out with her cat, Zoie.


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