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Top 5 Gifts For Your Daughter

Ginger domestic kitten (Felis catus) rolling on back playing

Buying suitable gifts for young girls can be trying, even for the most savvy of parents who have a brilliant track record of buying toys and other things that their children instantly fall in love with. As trying is it is, having a degree of resolve and putting a little thought into it can help you to make a great decision.

Thankfully, we are also here to take some of the weight from your shoulders and point you in the right direction.

Check out our top five gift ideas for girls.

A Domestic Pet

The thing that often puts parents off buying domestic animals is the fact that they know they will probably be the ones doing the cleaning and the maintenance. However, this isn’t that big a deal if you are buying something like a hamster, chinchilla, or goldfish.

Furthermore, owning a pet will help your child to develop emotionally as they take care of the animal, and give them a trusty companion upon whom they can always rely.


When it comes to a girly toy, there are fewer things better than a traditional doll. These can play the same role of friend as a household pet, and as a bonus, they don’t require any looking after or trips to the vets every so often.

Perhaps their biggest feature is that they are about as open ended a toy as you can get, with numerous opportunities to by extra outfits and play scenes so that your daughter never gets bored.

Art and Craft Sets

There are fewer better ways to help a child unlock their imagination and creative side than by getting them an art and craft set. Whether they are an aspiring painter or love to draw and color, stores stock a wide range of products that your art-minded daughter will be able to interact with and begin to hone her skills.

Experience Days

The huge market for experience days for adults is well publicized and understood, but why not buy something child-targeted for your daughter to enjoy? This may be something as innocuous as horse riding, but could also include a trip to a theme park or another venue of note.

Digital Gadgets

While many parents try to avoid buying digital gifts for their children, they don’t do too much harm so long as we ensure that our kids aren’t sitting playing on a games console for hours on end. Digital gifts can be excellent to use as a reward mechanism, for example, both at home and at school.

Put your gift buying worries to bed once and for all, and always be confident in selecting gifts for your daughter, whether it be a pet, a doll, an art set or an iPod.

This article was written by Kate Carson, a woman that has definitely had her share of opportunities presented to her when she had to assist in the preparation and planning of baby showers for friends and relatives. Just as she does with many of her other articles that deal with gifts for girls and other similar experiences, Kate was able to find an efficient way to use her own experiences in order to assist so many other women work through their own.


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