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How Can Art Make Kids Smart?


Very often you see parents with hyper kids, toning down their child’s energy levels by handing over a paper and some paint or some clay to play with. Interestingly, most kids get so engaged in their doodling or clay modeling that they even ignore their favorite cartoon in TV and continue with their work.

In the words of Thomas Merton, “Art enables us to find ourselves at the same time lose ourselves”. Art is something which makes living a rich experience. Art is subjective and is in a constant state of change. When you go beyond the definition of art and explore its effects on the human brain, one will be amazed as to how much inclusion of art in our daily lives will make a significant impact on the quality of our lifestyle.

In the same way, including art at a very early stage of childhood will help your child interact and perceive world in a new and positive way. Including art may mean anything from painting, drawing, sketching, sculpturing, pottery, clay modelling to even stitching, sewing, music, or learning a musical instrument.

Art does not have a religion, race or language. It can be understood by people around the world. Being creative and artistic is the natural state of a human. Here are some reasons as to why art makes kids smart:

  • Art is a form of self-expression. By expressing his views, a child gets self-confidence to express his views and opinions and feels secure about a place in the society.
  • Practicing art forms like sculpturing, clay modelling and pottery, the concentration, will power and patience of a child is greatly increased. Great art can never be achieved instantly. In the same way, your child will devote all of his attention on that one little pot or that model of car he trying to make. He will continue concentrating in the same way for all the other activities.
  • Art fines up a child’s motor skills and hand-and-brain coordination. Just like a swift brush of paint with a paintbrush, your child will devote the same attitude towards other arenas of her life.
  • Art improves problem solving skills and teaches life skills to kids. When your child realizes that perfect angle to create a soft curve in a mud pot, he realizes a solution to make his art better. In the same way, during the course of his study, he will automatically find solutions to hurdles and challenges he might face.
  • It helps in improving the overall creativity in kids. Kids will grow up to find creative ways to study better, to solve problems and to manage their resources better!

Childhood is a very beautiful phase of every person’s life. It is very important for every parent to support and motivate their kids during this phase. It is also important to have all the emergency numbers and essential number like the child benefit contact number always stored in the mobile.


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