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Dear Justin Bieber: Please Close The Door As You Leave!

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Hands up if you feel sorry for Justin Bieber.

What? You mean that being a multi-millionaire who has never had, and never will have, a proper job in his life doesn’t tug at your heart strings? Even though he clearly leads a pressurized life that gets him into all sorts of scrapes with paparazzi and anyone else who dares to come within six feet of him?

There weren’t many people feeling sorry for Bieber over the past week in the United Kingdom either, when he turned up on stage at an hour when most of his audience should have been tucked up in bed sleeping in preparation for school the next day.

Not Coming Back

After trotting out some rather feeble celebrity excuses, Bieber claimed over this past weekend that he wasn’t ever going to return to the UK. The UK has been through a lot in its history, but I doubt there were fewer things that made the country more proud than causing Bieber to leave and never return.

Music Royalty

Still, that did not stop his army of ‘Beliebers’ taking to social media to beg him to return. His lovers from elsewhere in the world as good as declared war on the UK for not taking the sweet little Canadian to their hearts and bowing to his every whim. In fairness, it could be argued that the country did just that.

His escort from his hotel to the O2 Arena, fully decked out with motorcade and Canadian flags, looked more like the protocol for the visit of the Prime Minister rather than a ‘musician.’

It is easy to forget that Bieber is only famous because another famous Justin – Timberlake – spotted him making a fool of himself on YouTube a few years ago and introduced him to some friends.

The Comeback

And what does he bring to the music industry today? Yes, he is loved by legions of young fans around the world, but what happens when they grow up? One has to assume that he will go off to have a quiet mid-career crisis and appear in some low-quality movies, before doing what Take That and others have done by attempting a comeback and giving his career a second wind when his current army of followers are all in their thirties and forties.

In that time he may decide to take off his ridiculous golden gloves – Michael Jackson he isn’t – and learn more than the few notes he manages to strum whenever he awkwardly picks up a guitar and tries to multi-task by singing and playing at the same time.

More likely, however, is the chance that he will spot a ‘mini me’ on YouTube and start mentoring them to unleash another wave of ear offending music on the world. It will immediately give him a support act for the comeback tour in 20 years, too.

Justin Bieber is finished with the UK. All that the good people of that country ask of him is that he is kind enough to close the door as he leaves.

Karl is an online content writer with a specific interest in music and celebrity culture, often writing critiques of manufactured musicians who could use a guitar lesson, and looking for characteristics of ‘diva’ behaviour that many of the biggest stars often exhibit.


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