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6 Easy Ways To Protect Your Family This Summer


Summer is quickly approaching and the excitement of summer vacation, water parks, camping, and spending time outdoors is building. It’s important to remember that during all the fun events, certain safety measure need to be kept in mind. Every year there are multiple news stories of children going to the hospital for dehydration and other heat induced issues. Keep your family having fun, but more importantly safe, this upcoming summer.

Stay Hydrated
Keep water bottles stocked and ready to go on any summer time outing you take part in. Whether it’s going for a walk around the neighborhood or out to an amusement park, stay hydrated. If there’s an option to bring a travel cooler, stock it with water, Gatorade, and some fruit.

Sunburns are painful and can lead to serious skin issues later in life. Lather up with SPF and be sure to applyprotection to scalp, face, and lips. Check out the sunblock that’s sweat resistant and made for sports and physical activities. Be sure to apply sunscreen prior to going outside, and after a couple of hours reapply for added protection. Protective clothing and hats can also be worn to reduce sun exposure.

It doesn’t have to be raining to pull out the umbrella. If you’re going to a park, or somewhere with limited shade, bring along an umbrella for added protection.

When camping around water, a trip down the river, or at the local pool arm your family with water shoes. These will keep their feet protected from sharp objects, chance at infection, and being bitten by underwater bugs.

Shaded Areas
When lounging or waiting around, check you summertime hangout for shaded areas. Keep in mind the time you go out. Avoid the heat of the day which is between noon and 3pm. If this is unavoidable, prepare well.

Summertime doesn’t just bring out the high temperatures, but also the bugs. It’s important to keep your home and family protected from the crawly creatures indoors and out. Protective bug spray can be found at your local drug and super stores. Keep some in the car and at home for convenient use.

During the hot summer months, bugs come indoors looking to stay cool. Have your home exterminated sooner rather than later. If someone does get bit and it’s more than a mosquito bite, take the proper steps in getting it checked out and treated by a medical professional. Some bites may look small and harmless, but can often swell and cause bigger issues.

About the Author: Michelle is a blogger for Forward Home Security. She loves DIY projects, summertime, and keeping her family safe!


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