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Making Your Teen’s First Car A Good Experience


Every teenager looks forward to his first car.  Purchasing, owning, and driving the car can be a battle, a disappointment, or a great experience.  The approach the parent takes can make the difference.

Communication Is The Key To A Good Experience 

Before your teen plans to buy a car, you should have a serious talk with him.  It should include his responsibilities, his privileges, and your expectations. He needs to know while owning a vehicle is a wonderful part of growing up, it is not an automatic right.

One part of your talk can include the expenses attached to car ownership. Many teens believe if they can obtain the cash to purchase a vehicle, that is all there is to it. Gas, upkeep, repairs, and insurance must also be taken into consideration.  Whether your teen uses his savings, has a part-time job, or you want to pay his expenses for him, the details should be agreed on before he buys a vehicle.

Rules are also important for teen drivers. As the parent, it is your place to make reasonable rules, and to be consistent with the rules. When he knows the rules in advance, he will be more likely to abide by them.

Preparation Is Important For Teen Drivers

There are a number of ways your teenagers should be prepared for owning and driving a car.  He needs to learn how to drive, what to do if he has an emergency, and how to deal with any repair work that may become necessary.

The best way for teens to learn driving skills is in a driver’s education program.  Many high schools offer driver’s education classes, while some cities have driver’s training schools.  Even if you can teach him the basics yourself, there are many benefits to formal training.

While a driver’s training class or school can help prepare him for emergencies, it is partly your responsibility.  Make sure he has the supplies he needs, and knows who to contact if an emergency occurs when he is driving.

Unless you are a certified mechanic, introduce your teen to someone who has this training, skills, and experience.  Your own mechanic can check the car your teenager wishes to buy, and also be the mechanic he calls if he needs repair work.

Teenage drivers can be safe and responsible. When you take some time to explain the responsibilities associated with driving, his first car can be a good experience for both your teen and yourself.

Leslie Walker is the author of this article – Currently she helps a Cash for Cars company advertise online.


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