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How Comic Book Hero Fashion Is Influencing Our Style

While there’s absolutely no doubt about the power that the entertainment industry can exert on our fashion on a daily basis, many of us will be surprised to see the traditional superhero clothing making a comeback into the stylish mainstream. Trends including characters such as Superman, Batman and even less well known comic book characters like Bane are really flying out of stores at Batman T Shirtthe moment, appearing on the high street more and more.

It was Spider-Man that seemingly kicked the trend off big time, especially following the most recent movie starring the famous Marvel comic character. Since then the trend has developed into something much bigger than anyone had expected, with the hottest styles at the moment mostly including Superman and Batman logos or more intricate designs featuring additional characters or scenery. But exactly what styles have influenced this superhero clothing?

  1. Masks – Every great superhero needs a mask, and that’s something we’ve seen slowly gain momentum in mainstream fashion across a number of years now. The use of masks in fancy dress costumes is a steadily increasing trend, with many people getting inspired by the likes of Spiderman and Batman who both make use of a face cover to protect their identity, even though the most famous hero of all time, Superman, doesn’t.
  2. Leopard Skin Clothing – You may not have heard of Sheena, who is also known as the Queen of the Jungle, a fictional character in comics from publishers Fiction House. Even if you haven’t read her comics, you may well have been influenced by her style, which has had a heavy impact on all leopard print designs that you will see on the high street today. The ‘female Tarzan’, as she is often labelled, was perhaps the first woman to use leopard skin designs in fashion thanks to its brilliant camouflage properties in the jungle.
  3. Super Hero Emblems – Both Superman and Batman clothing has been inspired heavily by the emblems of these highly popular comic book superheroes, both originally published by DC Comics. Not only are these fashionable logos popular amongst superhero fans, they are also two of the most recognized emblems in the world, which is no small feat when you consider the huge about of symbolism that exists both in the fashion world and the general environment in which we live.

Undoubtedly set to grow even further with the continuing release of more and more superhero films, TV shows and comic books, there seems to be no stopping superhero fashion influencing the mainstream. We should have expected that really, shouldn’t we? Superheroes are meant to be unstoppable after all…


Laura Watson loves analyzing the fashion trends that influence our mainstream style, and finds superhero fashion particularly fascinating.



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