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Stay Safe On Prom Night: Teaching The Dangers Of Drunk Driving To Your Children

Every year, high school seniors across America get excited as they prepare to graduate from high school and transition to a new phase in their life.  There are certain milestones that mark this time period, and prom night is one of them.  It’s a night to culminate four years of hard work by partying with your friends.  Unfortunately, it’s also a night when a good deal of drunk driving occurs.  If this happens, you’ll want to secure the best DUI attorney possible.

It’s difficult to impose just how serious drinking on prom night can be to a teenager.  For most, the end of their time as a high school student has already ended in their mind, and the feeling of being an adult has replaced it.  But, as prom night rolls around, it’s important that as a parent you talk to your child and encourage them to make the right decisions.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Over half of teenage students surveyed admitted to drinking four or more drinks that night.  One third of all the alcohol-related teenage traffic fatalities for the year occur during prom season (April –June).  It is important that students are made aware of this well in advance of prom night so that they remain safe.  There are alternatives to drinking, and, more realistically, safer modes of transportation than an intoxicated teen behind the wheel.

How to Prevent

The best way to approach this situation as a parent is to be proactive.  Make sure your child knows how to drive defensively.  Be sure that they are putting on their seatbelt every time, with the music at an appropriate level, and that they know not to touch their cell phone while in the driver seat.  Beyond that, you can only inform them of the reality of the situation and encourage them not to drink and drive that night.

Picking up the Pieces

If you ever receive that call letting you know that your child has been pulled over for driving under the influence, or worse, involved in an accident; you know just how much of an impact it will have on their life.  As such, it is important to hire the best DUI attorney possible.  The parent in you will want to punish them, but at the same time, you don’t want the incident to ruin their life.  Having an attorney present who is familiar with this type of court case will make a huge difference on the sentencing.

Talk to your teens today.  Don’t wait for springtime or the week of the prom to impart this knowledge on them.


Jillian Johnson is a professional content marketing writer and blogger with a particular interest in writing about health and fitness. To read more writing by Jillian, follow her @MissWritey.



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