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How To Become A Hardcore Gamer


The concept of being a hardcore gamer is one that some only look at in sarcastic, humorous terms, but others believe that to be a hardcore gamer is to own a badge of game-playing experience and dedication that can be worn with pride. It all really depends on how you view the idea of being a hardcore gamer.

There isn’t really a blueprint for becoming a hardcore gamer, but there are some general guidelines that most would agree constitute the necessary requirements to become one.

Hadcore gaming 101 : Steps To Becoming A Hardcore Gamer

Becoming a hardcore gamer should at least infer that a lot of commitment on your part is going to be necessary. It will indeed demand a lot of time and energy, but the nice thing about those demands is that you’ll be working the entire time at something you truly love.

And love of video games is truly the most critical aspect of becoming a hardcore gamer. If you’re not truly a fan of video games, you’re going to fail before you even really get started.

There are different paths to becoming a hardcore gamer, but here are some things to keep in mind for any route you might take:

  • Buy the console you know you’re going to be comfortable with. What you don’t want to do is buy something just because that’s what your friends have.
  • Feel free to buy what you feel is the best fit for you, but it doesn’t hurt to have one console, a PC capable of playing the latest titles, and a handheld system, such as a PSP.
  • Settle into a genre that’s going to give you hours and hours of gaming pleasure. You want something that you’re going to enjoy, and not just something that’s popular with your friends. RPGs, first-person shooters, racing games, sports games, and music games are all great examples of genres to choose from and focus on.
  • Depending upon your budget, choose some games within the genre you’ve picked that you would like to play. Try to find games that appeal to your specific interests within the genre of your choice, and also keep an eye out for the titles that will offer the most replay value.
  • Start playing your games at a leisurely pace. One or two hours a day without using strategy guides is generally a nice way to get going.
  • Join some gaming forums, watch videos, and listen to podcasts that pertain to video game discussions. What you want to do is immerse yourself as much as possible into the world of games, and into the particular world of your favorite genre.
  • Up the stakes: Keep up all the above steps, but start playing four or five hours a day, begin to pick up collector’s editions of favorite titles, and buy some strategy guides.

It’s really not much more complicated than that. Follow these steps, maintain your discipline, and you’ll be joining the ranks of hardcore gamers before you know it.

Andrea is a geeky girl tech savvy. She loves everything about technology , mobile phones and gaming.


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