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Why Kids Should Learn American Kenpo


It is important to explain that American Kenpo is so much more than a way for your child to retaliate when bullied. It is a martial art form that can improve his physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Certain disciplines will be instilled in your child should he choose to participate in American Kenpo. As well as having the self-confidence needed to stand up to bullies and cease becoming a target, he will also develop excellent physical fitness and coping mechanisms of massive importance. Above all, it is fun to learn and this will keep your child coming back for more.


Just about every parent in the world understands that children are sometimes guilty of a lack of focus. Indeed, it is an issue that can spread into adulthood but with American Kenpo, your child can develop a greater level of concentration and focus at an early age that will serve him well throughout his life. The beauty of American Kenpo is that it can cause even the least-focused child to tune in and learn. As different parts of the body are used at once, your child is forced to think about his next moves and has no choice but to concentrate. This also serves to improve your child’s mental acuity.

Self-Confidence & Respect

‘The trouble with kids these days is that they have no respect’. Does this sound familiar? Like all martial arts, American Kenpo focuses on respect and if your child wants to succeed, he has to respect the instructor or risk being thrown out of class. This will give him a healthy respect for authority figures which will then be extended to behavior outside of class.

The best American Kenpo schools are judgment free zones where your child can learn self defense with confidence. As he learns new techniques and begins to improve his skills, you will see a noticeable improvement in his confidence. Psychologists suggest that bullies target those low in confidence and with self-esteem issues. With American Kenpo training, your child will ooze self-confidence and if they are ever called upon to defend themselves physically, they will be up to the challenge.


Childhood obesity is a serious issue in the United States as most kids simply don’t get enough exercise and eat too much processed junk. When your child becomes involved in American Kenpo, their fitness will improve dramatically as will their diet because they will recognize the need to clean up their act if they wish to progress. Additionally, American Kenpo is an enjoyable method of getting fit and one which your child will look forward to every time.

If your child isn’t already enrolled in American Kenpo, now is the time to do it as there are most qualified instructors and high quality schools than ever before.


My name is Richard, and when I’m not busy writing I’m usually at the dojo or the gym. My favorite dojo in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area is Gilbert American kempo school Sandoval Freestyle Karate.




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