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4 Tips To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck Buying Classroom Supplies

School Supplies Pencils Erasers August 07, 20103

Whether you are the parent of a child who attends school or if you are in charge of managing the level of supplies you have in your own classroom, shopping for school supplies each year is necessary to ensure students are capable of working and completing projects on their own. Shopping for school supplies can be overwhelming, especially if you are providing supplies for an entire group of children. When you want to get the most bang for your buck when shopping, it is possible by preparing ahead of time and knowing exactly the type of supplies you need.

Buy Early

Shopping for school supplies earlier in the year and throughout the year entirely will help you to save money. School supplies are more in demand towards the end of summer and beginning of fall, so you may have more luck shopping for the items you need in the spring or when summer starts. Check local sales papers throughout the year to find discounted supplies or school necessities that are going out of stock.

Browse newspapers for circulars that offer sales and discounts on school supplies all-year round, not just when the shopping for back to school season arrives.

Shop Online

Shopping online for school supplies is another way to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you want to buy supplies in bulk or for your child individually, shopping online gives you more options and savings than when you visit local office or school supply stores. Buying school supplies online gives you the chance to compare manufacturers and distributors to ensure you are getting the most savings possible without having to visit multiple stores locally. You can also find plenty of coupons and promotional codes to use when you are searching for school supplies online to save even more while having the supplies delivered right to your own door.

Find Coupons and Sales

Using coupons and shopping during sales is another way to get all of the school supplies you need at discounted rates. Coupons can be found in traditional sales papers in addition to also browsing online. Use online coupon community blogs and sites to print coupons and use online virtual codes or coupons to purchase the school supplies you need for the classroom. Visiting the official website of school supply manufacturers can also increase the number of coupons you are able to find, ultimately saving you more money.

Many office and classroom supply stores also provide coupons and discounts when back to school season arrives. Call various stores, visiting their official website and check local newspapers and sales ads for upcoming promotions and discounts that are available. You can often find school supplies at sales at large chains and department stores year-round depending on what you need.

Purchase in Bulk

Purchasing your school supplies in bulk is a way to get the most bang for your buck, especially when you are providing supplies to an entire classroom of students. Purchasing school supplies in bulk can be done locally as well as by searching online for wholesale school supplies or supplies sold in bulk at discounted prices. Finding school supplies in bulk is a way to be prepared at all times with paper, pencils, clips, erasers and more without having to buy each item in individual packs.


Schoolteacher Faith Strickland enjoys sharing helpful tips and advice with her readers regarding the learning process and schooling. Faith has also helped to find the cheapest online education degree programs available for people who want to begin their journey into the rewarding career of teaching.



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