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When Husbands Batter Wives: Are You A Victim?


Marriage is a milestone in the life of every woman. Many women dream of being married, tending to their husband and being the perfect wife possible. Unfortunately, not all women get the fairy tale marriage they want. The men who had courted them and had exchanged vows with actually have monsters hidden in them that come out when least expected. As such, these women are battered wives who are abused in many ways each day by their husbands and are unable to escape because of fear. Such abuse has been going for years, but today more and more women have begun fighting back and seeking legal help to get justice. If you are unsure about the treatment your husband has been giving you, then this article can help you determine if you are a battered wife.

Do You Know What Battering Means?

If your husband uses power and control over you through intimidation, threat, fear and violence, then you are a battered wife. He may believe that he has every right to control you, but what you must know is that battery is a form of domestic violence which is a crime.

Battering involves sexual, emotional, physical and economic abuse. It also includes threats, intimidation and isolation among others. This behavior can be used on you so that he has power over you to intimidate you so that you will continue to fear him. Unfortunately, battering can worsen from name calling, threats, damaging property and displaying acts of violence. After a certain period of time, it can lead to slapping, pushing, pinching, restraining, kicking, biting, sexual assault, throwing and punching. Other serious forms of battery involves breaking bones, choking and utilizing weapons to threaten or inflict injury.

Why Does He Batter You?

There are many reasons why your husband may be battering you and there are also theories to the violence. Your husband may be battering you due to stress, chemical dependency, economic hardship, family dysfunction, poor communication skills, provocation and even lack of spirituality. The behavior of battering chooses no background, race or social status, but there are a few characteristics that can help determine if your husband is battering you.

  1. He has low self esteem and feels ineffective as well as powerless in society, regardless of his success.
  2. He fails to regard women as people or respect them as a group, except as property and sexual objects.
  3. He may appear to be charming and pleasant in between his bouts of violence, most especially when around people.
  4. He has the tendency to blame stress, your behavior, alcohol or other factors for his violent behavior.
  5. He displays his possessiveness, jealousy, bad temper, cruelty to animals, unpredictability and verbal abusiveness.

Must You Tolerate The Abuse?

While there are many reasons for your husband to abuse you, there may also be many reasons that stop you from leaving him. Your reasons for staying may be very complex than what people may say about your strength of character. It is true that it is dangerous for you to leave him, especially if he has all the social and economic status as this can lead to losing financial support, child custody and even harassment. In fact, there are also situations wherein the abused wife is framed and sent to jail for something she never did. If this is the case, you can always seek legal assistance from a well experienced lawyer and get bailed out. Your lawyer can then help you make the necessary move to prove your innocence and file a case for battery against your husband.

Valerie Howards is a freelance writer specializing in various criminal cases and the services offered at Bail Bonds DIRECT. She also provides information about domestic violence, battery inflicted by husbands on their wives and why such abuse occurs.


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