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Like Mom Makes It: 6 Recipes For The Entire Family

spaghetti and meatballs

People think that in an age where we are all so busy and so health conscious, it’s going to be hard to cook quick and nutritious meals. The truth is: it’s possible. Compiled below are only a few of the recipes available that everyone—including kids—will love.

Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers:

There’s no question to it: kids love finger food, especially fish fingers and chicken nuggets. Instead of those batter dipped, deep-fried foods, which are unhealthy for your kids, you should try this recipe instead! Coat chicken tenders in a season almond and whole-wheat flour crust and then over-fry them to deliciousness and perfection. There will be a fraction of the fat and oil so you too can enjoy them to your healthy heart’s content.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is a simple and well-loved dinner dish throughout the ages. You really can’t go wrong with this one—seriously. Prepare Bolognese sauce as you usually would and leave it to simmer over medium heat whilst you mix beef, parsley, egg, breadcrumbs, garlic, salt and Parmesan cheese to make the meatballs. Roll the meatballs and cook-add them to the hot sauce. Serve warm.

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla

Kids love finger food and what better that a chicken and cheese quesadilla? All you have to do is lay a flour tortilla on a hot pan and add to one half of the tortilla half a cup of cooked chicken shredded or chopped, a handful of cheese of your own choosing and a quarter cup of salsa. Once the cheese begins to melt, fold the tortilla over and press down with a flat utensil – for example a spatula. This is quick, simple and delicious.

Homemade Muesli Bars

Muesli bars are an easy snack to drop into your kids’ lunchboxes but you should be careful with buying them from a store as they can be full of sugar, fat and who knows what else! Our advice is to make your own: there’s hardly a difference in taste! All you have to do is combine honey, sugar and butter of a medium heat sauce-pan and once this is thick, add to it 3 cups of rolled oats, a cup of rice bubbles, a cup of sultanas, half a cup of chopped apricots, dates or choc-chips, half a cup of desiccated coconut and some sunflower or sesame seeds. Line a baking tray and put this mixture in the oven for 15-20 minutes (or until golden). Cool it and then unleash your kids because they’ll be sure to grab one as soon as they can!

Yogurt Pops

Here’s a quick healthy snack that you can prepare for the kids. It’s so good you can use it as a reward for good behavior. All you have to do is buy an ice-pop mold and wooden ice-pop sticks. Mix 2 cups of low-fat strawberry yogurt, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of light corn-syrup, two tablespoons of sugar to taste and two cups of fresh or frozen unsweetened strawberries  – simple enough right?  Pour this mixture into the mold and freeze for four to six hours until hard. Here’s a tip: before you serve them dip the mold briefly in warm (not boiling) water to able to remove them easily. Of course this is a recipe that allows you to do exciting things in your home. There are heaps of alternatives and substitutes you can add to the mixture too!

Hayley Jane lives in Selandra Rise and spends an afternoon bi-weekly with friends living in the same community to share new and exciting recipes. Their collective goal is to find healthy and delicious recipes that their kids will love!


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