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Best Cartoon Inspired Knitted Hats

Knitted Hats

Image taken by looseends on Flickr

Knitted hats are warm, lightweight and can be a lot of fun. You can buy them or make them yourself, deciding your own pattern, your own favorite designs and colors. Whether it is a gift for your little one or a geeky present to a cartoon-lover friend, knitting allows you to use all your imagination and create something entirely unique. Gather pattern information, check out some of the best cartoon inspired hats available out there and get started on your very own collection.

Adventure Time Reversible Laplander

If you are a big Adventure Time fan but find it difficult to choose between Finn the Human or Jake the Dog, then perhaps opting for both is the best way to go. NeatoShop has come up with a great idea for a reversible winter hat which includes both the characters. The original hat available at NeatoShop is made of acrylic and it comes in one size that fits all. It’s warm and soft, but if you choose to make it yourself, you might want to opt for wool to make it warmer and ensure that the material lasts longer.

Smurf Hat

Have a look at Favecrafts’ fun smurf hat. It’s funny, smart and instantly puts you in a good mood. Plus, it is very easy to make, as the crochet pattern that it features is suitable for absolute knitting beginners. Favecrafts give you all the information you need, as well as step-by-step instructions that take you from the very start to the end result without fuss. All you will need is one ball of red heart blue yarn (for the smurf), one ball of red heart white yarn (for the smurf’s hat), a small amount of black yarn (for the smurf’s eyebrows), two small buttons (for the smurf’s eyes) and some fiberfill to shape the ears, nose and hat. For regular knitters, this one is a no-brainer.

Spiderman Crochet Hat

spider-man hat

Etsy has recently introduced a lovely Spiderman crochet hat. This one is colourful, striking and makes a very cool statement. Jennifer Norton Richardson’s original pattern is available to buy and it’s easy to follow even if you’re new to the craft world. It includes detailed pictures and thorough instructions that accompany you the whole way. You’re not allowed to use it to sell the hats, but feel free to make a few matching ones to turn your family into super heroes in no time.

Futurama Knit Hats

The Futurama knit hats by Think Geek are cool and highly unusual. Instantly putting you in a Sci-Fi mood, these hats keep you warm and ensure you stand out in the crowd. The shop has two different designs, allowing you to choose between Bender and Nibbler. Both hats feature a 3D construction with antennas and bulging eyeballs and you can buy them or have a look at the design and try to make them yourself. Intermediate or advanced knitters will find this pattern easy, but beginners might struggle.

Whether you decide to order your styles online or attempt to make them yourself, some of the above examples of best cartoon inspired hats will help you get started. Have a look at other knitters’ ideas and browse the various shops’ collections before you begin creating your own set of unique hats.

Sarah loves knitting and specializes in creating knitted toys for new born babies



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2 thoughts on “Best Cartoon Inspired Knitted Hats

  1. You’re welcome!

    Posted by Dangerous Lee | April 18, 2013, 12:20 pm
  2. Hi Senia,

    Thanks so much for featuring our Smurf Hat! So glad you like the project – we think it’s pretty adorable! Have a great day!
    – Julia from FaveCrafts.com

    Posted by Julia @ FaveCrafts | April 18, 2013, 12:18 pm

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