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How To Recognize And Develop Your Child’s Special Talents

kid and camera

Image by Mark Sebastian

Baby’s Got Talent

We all want the very best from and for our children. Whether your little one is a science genius, a technology wizard, the next Mozart or a creative guru, there are many ways that you can identify and encourage their unique abilities.

Discover by learning

The only way to spot your child’s talents is by encouraging them to experience new things and providing them with informed choices about their options. Embedding these choices into family activities will help to gauge their interest in certain subjects. From spotting birds whilst walking in the countryside, to helping Dad with fixing a bicycle, you’ll easily spot the areas that they naturally excel in. Learning can also be encouraged during extra curricular activities at school, such as outdoor pursuits trips and charity bake sales, so it is vital that your child is given the choice to participate.

By trying out a range of different activities, you will easily see the areas that your child excels in and those which they adore but need more help. The ways you provide this help are vital in developing your child’s talent.

Support, don’t pressure 

Once you have identified the natural talents of your offspring, you must be there to support them in their development. Pushing your beau into pursuits they feel uncomfortable with will only have an adverse effect on their confidence with trying anything unfamiliar. It is really important that you maintain a healthy balance between being supportive and encouraging and care must be taken to ensure you are not making your child feel under pressure to perform in a play or learn an instrument. They must do these things fueled by their own enthusiasm rather than just doing what mum and dad want them to do.

Praise for Progress 

Incentives provide an excellent solution to the problem of providing unpressured support. We all remember the glory of being given a medal at sports day or a certificate when learning the recorder. Reward certificates are a fantastic way of encouraging your children to develop their individual talents as well as tying out new things. As well as acting as a record of progress for you to keep track of, they will provide an importance incentive for your child to push themselves out of their comfort zone and experience exciting new opportunities!

Do you have any stories of your children’s achievements and how you have supported these? Write them in the comments box below!


Hannah Duckett is a full time mum from Bristol who loves encouraging her children to use their imagination! She writes for School Stickers.




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